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You now have access to our Years of experience, Commitment to Service and Discounted Quality Cabinets to help achieve the Kitchen of your Dreams! We are glad to work directly with you to insure you get the right cabinets at the right time and at the right Price! So lets get started... Give us a call 888-302-2772 or Email Us or Chat online with Us or Fax Us 888-761-8050 Our RTA Cabinet lines feature all wood construction, Solid wood face and door frames with plywood box construction (No Particle Board). We offer you the perfect blend of beauty, function and design....

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Testimonial: I would like to sing the praises of Vickie, for her quick response to the email and very pleasant conversation on the phone. She did an excellent job. She nailed the design for my kitchen. My only dilemma is the cabinet design and color I want is not offered on your site. I have looked at other RTA and still have not found the right combination. I am reconsidering the design and rethinking the choices. You have a great employee and I'm am glad to have visited your web page. Jayne

LEARN WHY THE WE ARE THE MOST TRUSTED KITCHEN CABINET OUTLET We have been doing this online so long that we've learned what works and what doesn't. We've seen many of the "brick n mortar" stores trying to juggle their high priced showroom traffic and still attempt to deliver quality service to a few online customers. What's our secret? We concentrate on you, our online client. We focus on your design and your delivery. Its what we do ... its all we do ... and we do it very well. We know how difficult it is to buy over the internet and cater to those that wish to save the maximum amount and get the most cabinets for their dollars. So if you're needing "face to face" time, please visit your local home stores, your local cabinet shops and get all the sales fluff you can stand. But, do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and check with us before you buy. You'll be glad you did!

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If you don't already have a CAD (computer aided design) drawing of your cabinet layout, you can fax or email us a rough sketch or drawing of your project. We need your wall dimensions and appliance and window locations etc (cabinet footprint). You are more than welcome to download or print our informative kitchen cabinet layout and design aid (pdf file) with additional design tips. We may need to email back and forth a few times to get things just the way you want them. If you already have a kitchen cabinet parts list, you can use our automated Cabinet Quote form. Next, you'll want to review our quote. Its important that you or your installer understands the function and location of each cabinet in your kitchen. Now take our cabinet quote and go shop. That's right, show our numbers to our competition. We encourage it! Go to local cabinet shops, go to your local home stores, even get quotes from other online cabinet stores. As you shop, and your cabinet design knowledge grows, you will begin to see the RTA Cabinet Mall's Value. Why our products, service and prices are all designed to blend your kitchen remodel into an easy and affordable process. When your ready to buy, ask us for an offline order form, request a PayPal invoice or use our secure online shopping cart. Our secure processes are designed for your safety and piece of mind. Once the order has been placed, we will verify all your cabinets have been bundled and shipped and send you the carrier's tracking info so you'll see and know when to expect your cabinets. RTA cabinet mall accepts payments through google, paypal, visa, MC, amex, disc

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