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Our free design services have been streamlined over the years to provide you with an clean and accurate layout of your remodel project.  So, how do you request design assistance?  Because we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, the best designs start with a simple picture. We are asking you to sketch out (on a sheet of paper) a  “bird’s eye view” of your layout.  It doesn’t need to be pretty! We just need some basic information to get started.

hand drawn design

a digital picture of a simple hand sketch

The sketch seen above was simply hand drawn on a piece of paper and sent to us as a digital picture from a cell phone.  This picture has the basic information we needed to “redraw” on our CAD system and deliver an accurate quote.

1) Wall measurements – we need only the walls where you want cabinetry.

2) Appliance locations – approximate positions and the actual appliance dimensions if over-sized or non standard.

3) Window/ Door opening size and location – width (including trim) and the distance from a wall corner 0r wall edge.

We will also need to know which of our door styles you might be interested in, your ship to zip code and email address and phone number as well as any other info you think we might need to know… odd electrical outlet location, vent registers, range hood vent location, etc.  Its not uncommon for us to go back and forth a few times to get things just the way you want them but it is important that we get accurate measurements up front.

We also offer a printable design grid (pdf) with instructions or you are always welcome to call us with any questions. 386-761-4946 or fax to 888-761-8050 or email us at


hand drawn kitchen

Put your ideas on paper

A detailed CAD drawing can be invaluable during your kitchen remodel – you will develop a parts list for shopping comparisons, be able to double check all your quotes, check off when receiving your cabinets and of course to keep your  installer on track with precise fill measurements and wall reveals.

kitchen design process

Submit – Discuss – Build

While our free cabinet design service is quite helpful in providing a  “bird’s eye view” of your project and is invaluable for quotes and installation, we are not offering a full blown design service with multiple 3D color views. Our goal is to assist and make sure that your dream kitchen has a good workable layout.  In short, We want to insure that the cabinets you purchase from us will fit  and function as expected.

Questions? We’re here to help 386-761-4946 Granger Davis