A Review of RTA Cabinets

To analyze the aspects of who you might buy your cabinets from, we should first define a few key points of the Cabinet Industry and the processes and logistics of converting the raw materials into finished cabinetry. RTA
Cabinets versus domestically manufactured cabinets.
1) Almost all of the RTA Cabinets sold in the U.S. are imported (from China). At first, your patriotic instincts may be to reject RTAs until you realize many of our large domestic manufacturers are also importing their raw materials and fabricated components. Now factor in the new jobs created with the marketing, warehousing, shipping, etc.
2) Short lead times are not a typical characteristic of domestic cabinetry. RTA Cabinets are prefabricated components that can quickly be pulled off the shelf and sent to you or your jobsite in just a few days as opposed to the local manufacturers that can take weeks or even months to deliver.
3) Shipping of traditional assembled cabinetry involves higher freight charges because of 2 significant factors. Assembled cabinets are mostly air… (LTL freight carriers charge for weight and cubic footage) and assembled cabinets usually have to be loaded and unloaded by hand in contrast to RTAs where multiple cabinets can be strapped to a pallet and loaded by forklift. Excessive handling of individual cabinets increases the statistical damage ratios which in turn increases the freight costs.4) Standard domestic cabinets are typically made using particle board or chip board where most RTA cabinets are constructed with plywood. Who cares? You do! Not only is the chip board less resistant to moisture intrusion and have a shorter lifespan, the glues used to produce particle board components are known to give off harmful gasses.
Do you really prefer to spend more of your hard earned dollars on lower quality cabinet components, deal with long lead times, higher shipping and damage rates and possibly introduce harmful chemicals into the very room where you feed and nurture your family????….. Hopefully, you now understand why the RTA Cabinets are literally changing the cabinet industry.

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