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Kitchen Design using Cabinet Bump ups and Bump outs

Cabinet Bumps have become very popular in today’s modern kitchen designs. By mixing modular cabinets with different heights and different depths,  Kitchen designers are able to achieve a “staggered” look that can add a dramatic visual impact and give a humdrum kitchen an added layer of depth.

Wall Cabinets bump ups and bump out

Wall Bump ups and Bump outs


There can be a few kitchen remodel pricing issues that should be pointed out. Keep in mind that when bumping out base cabinets that the counter top will need to be custom fitted. Most top fabricators will charge extra for the added depth and the required inside corner cuts that will need to be made.

sink base cabinet bump out

sink base bump out with angle fluted fillers

When applying crown molding to a bumped up wall cabinet there is a significant amount of extra crown usage in the wall returns. There can also be issues with ending the lower level crown near a bumped up corner cabinet.

Wall diagonal corner bumped out

wall diagonal corner bumped out

Below is a diagram of how to achieve the illusion of a bumped out wall corner cabinet when only a standard depth cabinet is available from the distributor.

WDC2436 to a WDC2736

How to bump out a Wall Cornet Diagonal

An illustration of a nice way to end your crown molding “short” when using a bumped up wall corner cabinet. Without this, your crown molding may lean out enough to prevent the WDC door from opening properly. Safety Tip: Pay extra close attention when cutting tiny miters like this.

22.5 degree crown miter

Cabinet Crown Molding with bumped cabinets

In short, these are just a few illustrations of kitchen cabinet bump ups and bump outs. Using these techniques can give your straight run design a dramatic focal point and add a shot of individual character to an otherwise standard kitchen layout.

by Granger Davis