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Creative Use of RTA Base Cabinets

base flip

Just a quick tip on how to get more function and more usable space out of your RTA Cabinets.  This discussion is about your sink base cabinet. The sink base typically has a false drawer front rather than a working top drawer as the installed sink will leave no room for a sliding drawer box.  Many of the home stores sell aftermarket hardware that allows the sink front to “tilt out” so you can store small items behind the false drawer front.  A better solution is a bottom drawer cabinet.

Most custom and semi custom cabinet shops are more than happy to build this base cabinet configuration …. for a price …. however I have not seen any rta cabinet lines offering such a cabinet. Fortunately for the consumer, its quite easy for a handy person to take a standard unassembled rta base cabinet and convert it to a bottom drawer sink base.

base cabinet for sink

how to make a better sink base using a standard base cabinet

The process is simple if done during assembly. The drawer guides will need to be repositioned where they attach to the back panel and the floor panel will need to be raised so that it sits just above the drawer.  You may need to install cleat stock on the cabinet’s  interior perimeter so the floor panel is nice and sturdy.  One word of caution: make sure the plumbing supply lines and drain are well clear of your working drawer… especially the extra depth for the pea trap!

Rather than a sink base cabinet with full height doors or a space wasting false drawer front, I always suggest a standard base cabinet with a flipped frame. Easy and functional…works for cook-tops as well.  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.  ADI Supply 386-761-4946

by Granger Davis

Bottom Drawer Sink Base

Bottom Drawer Sink Base

RTA Vanity Sink Base

RTA Vanity Sink Base