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Affordable Kitchen Cabinets does not mean low Quality

What’s deemed Affordable Kitchen Cabinets will always be related to a budget or a perceived value. The addage, “you get what you pay for” can be diced, dissected and put into relative terms to suit just about every budget. A Chinese assembly line (rta cabinet) can have a price tag well below the junkiest custom made cabinetry. On the other hand, some consumers will not consider anything less than the finest select grade mahogany with crafted inlay doors and imported hardware, all approved by a professional design consultant. So a gazillionaire might get the million dollar kitchen for a few hundred thousand and proclaim it was a bargain but for most consumers, the term affordable kitchen cabinets, simply falls to the lower end of a reasonable budget rather than settling for low quality of even less attractive cabinetry.Hampton Maple   

raised panel, cream lacquer on maple with a hand rubbed glaze $455 per linear foot -vs- flat panel with acrylic paint $119 LF. Both can be considered affordable depending on the buyer and not the function of the cabinet.
By Granger Davis

5 Tips for Selecting Colors for a Kitchen Remodel

Few projects are more satisfying to bring to completion than a kitchen remodel. New cabinetry
, fresh paint and shiny hardware are kitchen elements that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come. However, a successful remodel requires some forethought and planning.

The most common kitchen remodel mistakes include:

  • Inadequate ventilation over your range or microwave.

  • Not including enough storage space for dishes, pots, pans, utensils and other kitchen supplies. A safe bet is to leave 48 to 72 inches each for dishes, cooking supplies and pots and pans, plus extra storage space wherever it will fit.

  • Making the island too big.
    Consumer Reports recommends no more than 48 inches deep and a maximum of 120 inches wide. There should also be at least 42 inches between the island and any surrounding cabinetry.

  • Inadequate or inappropriate lighting. Lighting fixtures are a concern, but also be aware of the amount of sunlight you want in your kitchen. For maximum sunlight control, add curtains or Blindster shades.

  • Forgetting a spot for trash. Be sure to leave space for two 30-quart containers for trash and recyclables.

Kitchen Remodels Color Selection

Kitchen color blending

Any of these mistakes can put a damper on a kitchen remodel. However, knowledge is power. Now that you’re aware of these pitfalls, you can avoid them.

Another all too common blunder when remodeling a kitchen is choosing a color
scheme that just does not work. How and why does this happen? Usually it’s as a result of poor planning, a lack of expertise or eye for color, or moving ahead with a color palette before you are sure it’s right for your kitchen space.

Here are five
tips to help you avoid selecting the wrong color scheme for your kitchen remodeling project:

1. Become aware of the moods and emotions conveyed by colors. Be sure to educate yourself about what
moods and emotions
each color represents. While warm colors tend to create a cozy vibe and cool colors a more serious tone, reactions to colors are highly individual. One person may love the idea of bright yellows in a kitchen; another may cringe.

2. Decide what sort of atmosphere you want in your kitchen. Based on your awareness of the moods and emotions conveyed by colors, decide what sort of statement you’d like your kitchen to make. Are you going for soothing and serene? Pair shades of green with accents of white. Bright and airy? Go with yellows, golds and citrus hues. Contemporary and sleek? Dark blues and grays, with stainless steel appliances, should do the trick.

3. When in doubt, stick with a versatile color.
While it can be tempting to pick a flashy color scheme or add a dramatic element like an accent wall or bold color floor tile, there’s always the chance it might not work. If you are in doubt about what colors to choose, especially for any major element in your kitchen remodel, go with a tried and true neutral color. This way, you can rest easy knowing it will work harmoniously with all of your other elements.

4. Be aware of the effects of lighting.
Remember that lighting (or lack thereof) is going to change the way color looks. View your color choices in both daylight and artificial lighting to verify your choices.

Test color combinations. Use a color wheel when considering color choices, and choose colors that are opposite one another on the wheel. Perhaps the best advice in terms of color is to try before you buy.


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RTA Cabinets – Quick n Easy Kitchen Remodels

Ready to assemble cabinets have literally changed the Cabinet Industry. RTA cabinets -unfinished cabinets aka, knock down cabinets or flat pack cabinets are shipped directly to the consumer and have several advantages over traditional kitchen cabinet manufacturing.

RTA Cabinet unassembled

RTA Cabinet unassembled

RTA Cabinet assembled

RTA Cabinet assembled

Mainly, rta cabinets are cheaper as the consumer is allowed to share some production cost with their own “sweat equity” by participating in the assembly process in their homes rather than having the cabinets assembled in the factory. RTA Cabinets are also cheaper to ship. The rta cabinetsor “flat packs” can be strapped to a pallet and forklifted onto a truck and delivered directly to the jobsite. Not only less expensive to transport but, the smaller footprint also helps reduce shipping damage as well as help the environment with less fuel spent per cabinet.

A few of the rta cabinet door styles at the rta cabinet mall

A few of the rta cabinet door styles at the rta cabinet mall

Another notable advantage is the lead times when ordering rta cabinets. Because these cabinets are pre fabricated and prepackaged, they are simply pulled from a distributors inventory and quickly prepared for shipment rather than having each piece made per order in a factory.

The homeowner has complete control over the project. No more arguing with a contractor about schedules and sloppy workmanship, the kitchen owner can be the job manager with complete freedom over virtually every detail of their project.

There are still more factors that have pushed rta cabinets as favorites for kitchen remodels. Contractors and DIYers alike appreciate the robotically placed assembly brackets for ease, and strength of the finished cabinets. Solid wood and plywood materials are used rather than the traditional particle board will ensure years of durable use. Low VOC emission techniques and the promotion of sustainable tree farming are just some of the eco friendly points.

What ever your reason for considering RTA Cabinets, low cost, speed of delivery, ease of installation or simply the beauty of the wood. The advantages of the RTA Cabinets are too great to ignore.

Shiloh Maple RTA Shaker Cabinets

Shiloh Maple RTA Shaker Cabinets

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