Forevermark Valley Espresso kitchen cabinets – (KE)

Valley Espresso kitchen cabinets

The Valley Espresso kitchen cabinets are a gorgeous dark stained (birch) with no accent lines.

The door’s are a classic raised panel, full overlay (1/4″ reveal) design with a rolled edge frame shape and sturdy mortise door frame construction. Door frame (stiles and rails) are just under two inches wide. The drawer faces are a matching 5 piece construction with recessed center panel and the drawer boxes are solid wood sides (3/5 birch) with a plywood (1/2) bottom panel (natural finish) with dovetail joints and standard drawer hardware. Cabinet box construction is 1/2 inch furniture grade plywood with precision pre-set steel assembly brackets and pre cut dado slots. Interior and exterior  side panels are veneered and stained to match. Ships from NJ with a typical processing time of 72 hours. Similar in profile and pricing to Valley Espresso kitchen cabinets, you might also consider the Valley Cherry and the Valley Cinnamon kitchen cabinet lines.

FREE FREIGHT! *** minimum purchase required.*** Orders less than $2000 may see a small supplemental freight charge attached at check out. Delivery only to your confirmed credit card address. Lower 48 States only.   (all sales in usd $) Sales Tax is collected on FL destinations only. (resale certificate exceptions)

Pre-arranged customer pick ups or “customer directed” commercial pick ups may be available. Pre-Assembly may be available on certain cabinet lines. Adds approximately $20 per cabinet plus additional freight charges and adds two weeks to delivery times.

Prices, Specifications and Availability subject to change without notice. If you have any questions please call 386-761-4946

SD-VE $50 [wp_cart:SD-VE- ke:price:35:end] Sample Mini Front-12×24 door/drwr front on frame

W0930-VE $83.99 [wp_cart:W0930-VE- ke:price:83.99:end] WallCabinet- 9Wx30Hx12D 1door
W1230-VE $92.73 [wp_cart:W1230-VE- ke:price:92.73:end] WallCabinet-12Wx30Hx12D 1door
W1530-VE $101.48 [wp_cart:W1530-VE- ke:price:101.48:end] WallCabinet-15Wx30Hx12D 1door
W1830-VE $113.73 [wp_cart:W1830-VE- ke:price:113.73:end] WallCabinet-18Wx30Hx12D 1door
W2130-VE $136.47 [wp_cart:W2130-VE- ke:price:136.47:end] WallCabinet-21Wx30Hx12D 1door
W2430-VE $146.09 [wp_cart:W2430-VE- ke:price:146.09:end] WallCabinet-24Wx30Hx12D 2door
W2730-VE $159.22 [wp_cart:W2730-VE- ke:price:159.22:end] WallCabinet-27Wx30Hx12D 2door
W3030-VE $164.47 [wp_cart:W3030-VE- ke:price:164.47:end] WallCabinet-30Wx30Hx12D 2door
W3330-VE $176.72 [wp_cart:W3330-VE- ke:price:176.72:end] WallCabinet-33Wx30Hx12D 2door
W3630-VE $188.96 [wp_cart:W3630-VE- ke:price:188.96:end] WallCabinet-36Wx30Hx12D 2door
W0936-VE $105.86 [wp_cart:W0936-VE- ke:price:105.86:end] WallCabinet-9Wx36Hx12D 1door
W1236-VE $112.85 [wp_cart:W1236-VE- ke:price:112.85:end] WallCabinet-12Wx36Hx12D 1door
W1536-VE $122.47 [wp_cart:W1536-VE- ke:price:122.47:end] WallCabinet-15Wx36Hx12D 1door
W1836-VE $136.47 [wp_cart:W1836-VE- ke:price:136.47:end] WallCabinet-18Wx36Hx12D 1door
W2136-VE $163.59 [wp_cart:W2136-VE- ke:price:163.59:end] WallCabinet-21Wx36Hx12D 1door
W2436-VE $174.09 [wp_cart:W2436-VE- ke:price:174.09:end] WallCabinet-24Wx36Hx12D 2door
W2736-VE $196.84 [wp_cart:W2736-VE- ke:price:196.84:end] WallCabinet-27Wx36Hx12D 2door
W3036-VE $213.46 [wp_cart:W3036-VE- ke:price:213.46:end] WallCabinet-30Wx36Hx12D 2door
W3336-VE $226.58 [wp_cart:W3336-VE- ke:price:226.58:end] WallCabinet-33Wx36Hx12D 2door
W3636-VE $236.2 [wp_cart:W3636-VE- ke:price:236.2:end] WallCabinet-36Wx36Hx12D 2door
W0942-VE $118.11 [wp_cart:W0942-VE- ke:price:118.11:end] WallCabinet-9Wx42Hx12D 1door
W1242-VE $125.09 [wp_cart:W1242-VE- ke:price:125.09:end] WallCabinet-12Wx42Hx12D 1door
W1542-VE $135.6 [wp_cart:W1542-VE- ke:price:135.6:end] WallCabinet-15Wx42Hx12D 1door
W1842-VE $149.6 [wp_cart:W1842-VE- ke:price:149.6:end] WallCabinet-18Wx42Hx12D 1door
W2142-VE $181.09 [wp_cart:W2142-VE- ke:price:181.09:end] WallCabinet-21Wx42Hx12D 1door
W2442-VE $194.21 [wp_cart:W2442-VE- ke:price:194.21:end] WallCabinet-24Wx42Hx12D 2door
W2742-VE $226.58 [wp_cart:W2742-VE- ke:price:226.58:end] WallCabinet-27Wx42Hx12D 2door
W3042-VE $251.95 [wp_cart:W3042-VE- ke:price:251.95:end] WallCabinet-30Wx42Hx12D 2door
W3342-VE $265.07 [wp_cart:W3342-VE- ke:price:265.07:end] WallCabinet-33Wx42Hx12D 2door
W3642-VE $282.57 [wp_cart:W3642-VE- ke:price:282.57:end] WallCabinet-36Wx42Hx12D 2door

W3012-VE $94.48 [wp_cart:W3012-VE- ke:price:94.48:end] WallCabinet-30Wx12Hx12D 2door
W3612-VE $105.86 [wp_cart:W3612-VE- ke:price:105.86:end] WallCabinet-36Wx12Hx12D 2door
W361224-VE $145.22 [wp_cart:W361224-VE- ke:price:145.22:end] WallCabinet-36Wx12Hx24D 2door
W3015-VE $105.86 [wp_cart:W3015-VE- ke:price:105.86:end] WallCabinet-30Wx15Hx12D 2door
W301524-VE $143.47 [wp_cart:W301524-VE- ke:price:143.47:end] WallCabinet-30Wx15Hx24D 2door
W3315-VE $114.6 [wp_cart:W3315-VE- ke:price:114.6:end] WallCabinet-33Wx15Hx12D 2door
W3615-VE $117.22 [wp_cart:W3615-VE- ke:price:117.22:end] WallCabinet-36Wx15Hx12D 2door
W361524-VE $159.22 [wp_cart:W361524-VE- ke:price:159.22:end] WallCabinet-36Wx15Hx24D 2door
W2418-VE $101.48 [wp_cart:W2418-VE- ke:price:101.48:end] WallCabinet-24Wx18Hx12D 2door
W3018-VE $117.22 [wp_cart:W3018-VE- ke:price:117.22:end] WallCabinet-30Wx18Hx12D 2door
W3318-VE $125.09 [wp_cart:W3318-VE- ke:price:125.09:end] WallCabinet-33Wx18Hx12D 2door
W3618-VE $132.98 [wp_cart:W3618-VE- ke:price:132.98:end] WallCabinet-36Wx18Hx12D 2door
W361824-VE $188.96 [wp_cart:W361824-VE- ke:price:188.96:end] WallCabinet-36Wx18Hx24D 2door
W2424-VE $130.35 [wp_cart:W2424-VE- ke:price:130.35:end] WallCabinet-24Wx24Hx12D 2door
W3024-VE $146.96 [wp_cart:W3024-VE- ke:price:146.96:end] WallCabinet-30Wx24Hx12D 2door
W302424-VE $173.21 [wp_cart:W302424-VE- ke:price:173.21:end] WallCabinet-30Wx24Hx24D 2door
W3324-VE $157.47 [wp_cart:W3324-VE- ke:price:157.47:end] WallCabinet-33Wx24Hx12D 2door
W3624-VE $167.96 [wp_cart:W3624-VE- ke:price:167.96:end] WallCabinet-36Wx24Hx12D 2door
W362424-VE $195.08 [wp_cart:W362424-VE- ke:price:195.08:end] WallCabinet-36Wx24Hx24D 2door
w331524-VE $151.34 [wp_cart:w331524-VE- ke:price:151.34:end] WallCabinet-33Wx15Hx24D 2door
w301824-VE $183.72 [wp_cart:w301824-VE- ke:price:183.72:end] WallCabinet-36Wx18Hx24D 2door
w331824-VE $186.34 [wp_cart:w331824-VE- ke:price:186.34:end] WallCabinet-36Wx18Hx24D 2door

WDC2430-VE $209.95 [wp_cart:WDC2430-VE- ke:price:209.95:end] WallDiagonal-24Wx30Hx12D 1door
WDC2436-VE $264.2 [wp_cart:WDC2436-VE- ke:price:264.2:end] WallDiagonal-24Wx36Hx12D 1door
WDC2442-VE $279.07 [wp_cart:WDC2442-VE- ke:price:279.07:end] WallDiagonal-24Wx42Hx12D 1door
WBC3930-VE $179.57 [wp_cart:WBC3930-VE- ke:price:179.57:end] WallBlind-36Wx30Hx12D (silver series1door) pull min39 to max42
wbc3030-VE $213.65 [wp_cart:wbc3030-VE- ke:price:213.65:end] WallBlind-30Wx30Hx12D (silver series1door) pull min30 to max33
wbc3036-VE $283.48 [wp_cart:wbc3036-VE- ke:price:283.48:end] WallBlind-30Wx36Hx12D (silver series1door) pull min30 to max34
wbc3042-VE $324.22 [wp_cart:wbc3042-VE- ke:price:324.22:end] WallBlind-30Wx42Hx12D (silver series1door) pull min30 to max35

AW30-VE $144.34 [wp_cart:AW30-VE- ke:price:144.34:end] angle wall end (triangle)12Wx30Hx12D
AW36-VE $173.21 [wp_cart:AW36-VE- ke:price:173.21:end] angle wall end (triangle)12Wx36Hx12D
AW42-VE $202.08 [wp_cart:AW42-VE- ke:price:202.08:end] angle wall end (triangle)12Wx42Hx12D
WES530-VE $78.73 [wp_cart:WES530-VE- ke:price:78.73:end] wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx30Hx12D
WES536-VE $94.48 [wp_cart:WES536-VE- ke:price:94.48:end] wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx36Hx12D
WES542-VE $111.11 [wp_cart:WES542-VE- ke:price:111.11:end] wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx42Hx12D

W3018WR-VE $172.34 [wp_cart:W3018WR-VE- ke:price:172.34:end] wall wine rack30Wx18Hx12D
W3018MW-VE $146.09 [wp_cart:W3018MW-VE- ke:price:146.09:end] wall open w shelf for sml counter top microwave
15RT-VE $76.99 [wp_cart:15RT-VE- ke:price:76.99:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
18RT-VE $86.61 [wp_cart:18RT-VE- ke:price:86.61:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
24RT-VE $94.48 [wp_cart:24RT-VE- ke:price:94.48:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
30RT-VE $113.73 [wp_cart:30RT-VE- ke:price:113.73:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
36RT-VE $162.72 [wp_cart:36RT-VE- ke:price:162.72:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
27RT-VE $104.11 [wp_cart:27RT-VE- ke:price:104.11:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
33RT-VE $138.22 [wp_cart:33RT-VE- ke:price:138.22:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre

TCR21-2-VE $293.94 [wp_cart:TCR21-2-VE- ke:price:293.94:end] trashcan roll out hardware 2can for b21 or b18

B09-VE $136.47 [wp_cart:B09-VE- ke:price:136.47:end] base9Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr
B12-VE $152.22 [wp_cart:B12-VE- ke:price:152.22:end] base12Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr
B15-VE $159.22 [wp_cart:B15-VE- ke:price:159.22:end] base15Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr
B18-VE $167.09 [wp_cart:B18-VE- ke:price:167.09:end] base18Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr
B21-VE $188.96 [wp_cart:B21-VE- ke:price:188.96:end] base21Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr
B24-VE $203.84 [wp_cart:B24-VE- ke:price:203.84:end] base24Wx34.5Hx24D 2door 1drwr
B27-VE $219.58 [wp_cart:B27-VE- ke:price:219.58:end] base27Wx34.5Hx24D 2door 1drwr
B30-VE $251.95 [wp_cart:B30-VE- ke:price:251.95:end] base30Wx34.5Hx24D 2door 2drwr
B33-VE $264.2 [wp_cart:B33-VE- ke:price:264.2:end] base33Wx34.5Hx24D 2door 2drwr
B36-VE $275.56 [wp_cart:B36-VE- ke:price:275.56:end] base36Wx34.5Hx24D 2door 2drwr

LS3309-VE $379.67 [wp_cart:LS3309-VE- ke:price:379.67:end] basecorner33x33Wx34.5Hx24D 1bifolddoor-lazysusan
LS3612-VE $409.41 [wp_cart:LS3612-VE- ke:price:409.41:end] basecorner36x36Wx34.5Hx24D 1bifolddoor-lazysusan
EZR36-VE $356.06 [wp_cart:EZR36-VE- ke:price:356.06:end] ez reach 36x36x34.5
BBC39-VE $287.81 [wp_cart:BBC39-VE- ke:price:287.81:end] baseblindcorner36Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr 39to42footprint spec LorR
BBC42-VE $292.19 [wp_cart:BBC42-VE- ke:price:292.19:end] baseblindcorner39Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr 42to45footprint spec LorR
BBC45-VE $294.81 [wp_cart:BBC45-VE- ke:price:294.81:end] baseblindcorner42Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr 45to48footprint spec LorR

DB12-VE $259.82 [wp_cart:DB12-VE- ke:price:259.82:end] basedrawers12Wx34.5Hx24D 0door3drwr
DB15-VE $271.2 [wp_cart:DB15-VE- ke:price:271.2:end] basedrawers15Wx34.5Hx24D 0door3drwr
DB18-VE $278.19 [wp_cart:DB18-VE- ke:price:278.19:end] basedrawers18Wx34.5Hx24D 0door3drwr
DB21-VE $286.07 [wp_cart:DB21-VE- ke:price:286.07:end] basedrawers21Wx34.5Hx24D 0door3drwr
DB24-VE $302.69 [wp_cart:DB24-VE- ke:price:302.69:end] basedrawers24Wx34.5Hx24D 0door3drwr
DB30-VE $503.02 [wp_cart:DB30-VE- ke:price:503.02:end] basedrawers30Wx34.5Hx24D 0door3drwr

SB27-VE $206.46 [wp_cart:SB27-VE- ke:price:206.46:end] sinkbase27Wx34.5Hx24D 2door false drwr
SB30-VE $213.46 [wp_cart:SB30-VE- ke:price:213.46:end] sinkbase30Wx34.5Hx24D 2door false drwr
SB33-VE $221.33 [wp_cart:SB33-VE- ke:price:221.33:end] sinkbase33Wx34.5Hx24D 2door false drwr
SB36-VE $230.08 [wp_cart:SB36-VE- ke:price:230.08:end] sinkbase36Wx34.5Hx24D 2door false drwr
SB60-VE $415.54 [wp_cart:SB60-VE- ke:price:415.54:end] sinkbase false drwr b15+sb30+b15

BDCF36-VE $383.18 [wp_cart:BDCF36-VE- ke:price:383.18:end] basecorner36x36Wx34.5Hx24D 1doorcornersinkbase
CSF36-VE $115.48 [wp_cart:CSF36-VE- ke:price:115.48:end] basecorner36x36Wx34.5Hx24D 1door cornersinkfront false drwr- with floor

AB24-VE $363.05 [wp_cart:AB24-VE- ke:price:363.05:end] angle base end (triangle)24Wx34.5Hx24D or 22.5+22.5

OC3384-VE $777.72 [wp_cart:OC3384-VE- ke:price:777.72:end] ovencabinet33Wx84Hx24D call for openings
OC3390-VE $838.08 [wp_cart:OC3390-VE- ke:price:838.08:end] ovencabinet33Wx90Hx24D call for openings
OC3396-VE $898.45 [wp_cart:OC3396-VE- ke:price:898.45:end] ovencabinet33Wx96Hx24D call for openings
WP1884-VE $473.28 [wp_cart:WP1884-VE- ke:price:473.28:end] pantry18Wx84Hx24D 2door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP1890-VE $508.27 [wp_cart:WP1890-VE- ke:price:508.27:end] pantry18Wx90Hx24D 2door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP1896-VE $543.27 [wp_cart:WP1896-VE- ke:price:543.27:end] pantry18Wx96Hx24D 2door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP2484-VE $592.26 [wp_cart:WP2484-VE- ke:price:592.26:end] pantry24Wx84Hx24D 4door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP2490-VE $637.74 [wp_cart:WP2490-VE- ke:price:637.74:end] pantry24Wx90Hx24D 4door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP2496-VE $681.48 [wp_cart:WP2496-VE- ke:price:681.48:end] pantry24Wx96Hx24D 4door 1+3shelf (elt4)

VB24-VE $187.21 [wp_cart:VB24-VE- ke:price:187.21:end] vanity base 24w x 21d x30h 2door+false head
VB24A-VE $187.88 [wp_cart:VB24A-VE- ke:price:187.88:end] vanity base 24w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head
VB30A-VE $231.82 [wp_cart:VB30A-VE- ke:price:231.82:end] vanity base 30w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head
VB36A-VE $271.2 [wp_cart:VB36A-VE- ke:price:271.2:end] vanity base 36w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head
VBD30A-L-VE $324.57 [wp_cart:VBD30A-L-VE- ke:price:324.57:end] vanity base 30w x 21d x34.5h 1door+false head + 2drawer LH
VBD30A-R-VE $324.57 [wp_cart:VBD30A-R-VE- ke:price:324.57:end] vanity base 30w x 21d x34.5h 1door+false head + 2drawer RH
VBD36A-L-VE $363.05 [wp_cart:VBD36A-L-VE- ke:price:363.05:end] vanity base 36w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head + 2drawer LH
VBD36A-R-VE $363.05 [wp_cart:VBD36A-R-VE- ke:price:363.05:end] vanity base 36w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head + 2drawer RH
VD12A-VE $349.06 [wp_cart:VD12A-VE- ke:price:349.06:end] vanity 3drawer base12Wx34.5Hx21D
VD15A-VE $367.42 [wp_cart:VD15A-VE- ke:price:367.42:end] vanity 3drawer base15Wx34.5Hx21D

CORBEL54-VE $56.86 [wp_cart:CORBEL54-VE- ke:price:56.86:end] corbel3Wx6Hx4D
CORBEL59-VE $83.11 [wp_cart:CORBEL59-VE- ke:price:83.11:end] corbel3Wx9Hx6D

CM8-VE $64.74 [wp_cart:CM8-VE- ke:price:64.74:end] 2.375x96crown (elt2.75×94.5)
CM8-4-VE $104.11 [wp_cart:CM8-4-VE- ke:price:104.11:end] 4.5x96crown () no insert
CM8-R-VE $142.6 [wp_cart:CM8-R-VE- ke:price:142.6:end] 4.625x96crown rope insert

WF3-VE $19.25 [wp_cart:WF3-VE- ke:price:19.25:end] filler3Wx30Hx0.75D
WF336-VE $23.62 [wp_cart:WF336-VE- ke:price:23.62:end] filler3Wx36Hx0.75D
WF342-VE $29.74 [wp_cart:WF342-VE- ke:price:29.74:end] filler3Wx42Hx0.75D
WF384-VE $55.12 [wp_cart:WF384-VE- ke:price:55.12:end] filler3Wx84Hx0.75D
WF396-VE $64.74 [wp_cart:WF396-VE- ke:price:64.74:end] filler3Wx96Hx0.75D
WF630-VE $39.36 [wp_cart:WF630-VE- ke:price:39.36:end] filler6Wx30Hx0.75D
WF642-VE $57.74 [wp_cart:WF642-VE- ke:price:57.74:end] filler6Wx42Hx0.75D
WF696-VE $126.85 [wp_cart:WF696-VE- ke:price:126.85:end] filler6Wx96Hx0.75D
BF3-VE $31.49 [wp_cart:BF3-VE- ke:price:31.49:end] base filler3Wx34.5Hx0.75D
BF6-VE $53.36 [wp_cart:BF6-VE- ke:price:53.36:end] base filler6Wx34.5Hx0.75D
WF330Fm-VE $31.49 [wp_cart:WF330Fm-VE- ke:price:31.49:end] filler fluted3Wx30Hx0.75D
WF336Fm-VE $39.36 [wp_cart:WF336Fm-VE- ke:price:39.36:end] filler fluted3Wx36Hx0.75D
WF342Fm-VE $44.61 [wp_cart:WF342Fm-VE- ke:price:44.61:end] filler fluted3Wx42Hx0.75D
BF3Fm-VE $42.87 [wp_cart:BF3Fm-VE- ke:price:42.87:end] base filler fluted 3Wx34.5Hx0.75D

W3030MGD-VE $144.34 [wp_cart:W3030MGD-VE- ke:price:144.34:end] glass door only set of 2
W3036MGD-VE $163.59 [wp_cart:W3036MGD-VE- ke:price:163.59:end] glass door only set of 2
W3042MGD-VE $202.08 [wp_cart:W3042MGD-VE- ke:price:202.08:end] glass door only set of 2
WDC2430MGD-VE $76.11 [wp_cart:WDC2430MGD-VE- ke:price:76.11:end] glass door only
WDC2436MGD-VE $90.98 [wp_cart:WDC2436MGD-VE- ke:price:90.98:end] glass door only
WDC2442MGD-VE $106.73 [wp_cart:WDC2442MGD-VE- ke:price:106.73:end] glass door only

TP3-VE $181.09 [wp_cart:TP3-VE- ke:price:181.09:end] slice leg w filler3Wx34.5H

LRM8-VE $70.86 [wp_cart:LRM8-VE- ke:price:70.86:end] light rail1.5Wx1Hx96
TLRM8-VE $173.21 [wp_cart:TLRM8-VE- ke:price:173.21:end] traditional light rail1.5Wx2.25Hx96

WDEP30-VE $55.12 [wp_cart:WDEP30-VE- ke:price:55.12:end] deco end panel looks like door for 30 high wall cab
WDEP36-VE $67.36 [wp_cart:WDEP36-VE- ke:price:67.36:end] deco end panel looks like door for 36 high wall cab
WDEP42-VE $81.35 [wp_cart:WDEP42-VE- ke:price:81.35:end] deco end panel looks like door for 42 high wall cab
BDEP-VE $139.09 [wp_cart:BDEP-VE- ke:price:139.09:end] deco end panel looks like door for base cab
BEP3-VE $69.99 [wp_cart:BEP3-VE- ke:price:69.99:end] base end panel w 3 inch face fill dishwasher end panel
REP2484-VE $182.84 [wp_cart:REP2484-VE- ke:price:182.84:end] refrig end panel .75thick w one edgeband
REP2496-VE $209.08 [wp_cart:REP2496-VE- ke:price:209.08:end] refrig end panel .75thick w one edgeband
REP84-VE $211.71 [wp_cart:REP84-VE- ke:price:211.71:end] refrig end panel w 3inch face
REP96-VE $252.82 [wp_cart:REP96-VE- ke:price:252.82:end] refrig end panel w 3inch face
REP3096-3-VE $342.93 [wp_cart:REP3096-3-VE- ke:price:342.93:end] refrig end panel w 3inch face 30deep
PNL4X8-VE $147.85 [wp_cart:PNL4X8-VE- ke:price:147.85:end] 1/4inch panel 4×8 long grain
PNL4X3BB-VE $139.09 [wp_cart:PNL4X3BB-VE- ke:price:139.09:end] 1/4inch panel 4×34.5

SM8-VE $17.49 [wp_cart:SM8-VE- ke:price:17.49:end] scribe .25H x0.75W x96L
ISC8-VE $25.36 [wp_cart:ISC8-VE- ke:price:25.36:end] insidecorner mold0.75Wx0.75Hx96
OCM8-VE $24.49 [wp_cart:OCM8-VE- ke:price:24.49:end] outside corner trim0.25Wx0.75Hx96
FBM-VE $101.48 [wp_cart:FBM-VE- ke:price:101.48:end] furniture toe board4.5Wx0.5Hx96
TK8-VE $42.87 [wp_cart:TK8-VE- ke:price:42.87:end] toe kick board4.5Wx0.5Hx96
shoe-VE $68.21 [wp_cart:shoe-VE- ke:price:68.21:end] sc6 shoe quarter round 1/2 x 3/4 x96
batt-VE $63.95 [wp_cart:batt-VE- ke:price:63.95:end] sc8 batten 3/4 x 1/4 x96

VAS48-VE $36.74 [wp_cart:VAS48-VE- ke:price:36.74:end] valance scallop s= stria
VAD3612-VE $100.6 [wp_cart:VAD3612-VE- ke:price:100.6:end] valance deco d=deco
VAD4212-VE $126.85 [wp_cart:VAD4212-VE- ke:price:126.85:end] valance deco
VAD4812-VE $159.22 [wp_cart:VAD4812-VE- ke:price:159.22:end] valance deco