RTA Cabinet Mall Shipping Procedures

Shipping Your Order:


A normal cabinet order is methodically processed using tried and proven systems….typically; your parts list will be submitted to the distributing warehouse, collected from different bin locations within the warehouse and sent to a central “stage” area. Each part is re-verified as it’s stacked onto a pallet(s). The load is strapped down and shrink wrapped onto the pallet or pallets to prevent shifting during transport. The pallet(s) is then loaded (by forklift) onto a Commercial Carriers truck. Please let us know if (during delivery) you notice other freight placed on top of your order or if  the shrink wrap has been opened….We pay extra fees to the truck lines to handle our orders a certain way.

FREIGHT CHARGES: Freight charges can be quite difficult to estimate because of all the different factors involved….your distance from the shipping facility, weight and configuration of your order, ease of access to your location, etc.  Average kitchen deliveries (single pallet) (600lb) (East of the Mississippi ) can range from twenty five to seventy five cents per pound. Orders going further west run closer to a dollar per pound!  Our typical order form will include any applicable freight charges. Shopping carts on this site usually include freight charges…. Shipping is limited to the lower 48 states. We can only ship to your registered credit card address.

Once your order is in transit, We will forward you the Commercial Carrier’s Tracking Number so you will know “about” when to expect your delivery. For residential deliveries, the trucking company should call you the day before delivery to confirm your address and give an estimated time of delivery.