RTA Cabinet Mall – Receiving Your New Cabinets

Receiving Your Order:


This may be the single most important part of your transaction. You or your representative must be present to receive and inspect the order. The truck driver will ask you to sign his “bill” … This is a legal document and should be treated as such.  The standard curbside delivery means the truck driver will move your load to the tail of the trailer. The driver is not required to help you unload. Upon delivery, check your paper work (order form) against the actual shipment to insure you are getting all of the correct parts you ordered. Inspect each box to verify there are no signs of damage. If you find any visible damage, please make a note of this on the drivers bill. (Before you sign for receipt of shipment) Don’t hesitate to remove protective covering to expose any questionable area. Examine each box as it comes off the truck. Please also be aware of each item….. In short, just make sure all of your parts are present and there is no visible damage BEFORE you sign for the delivery. You are not expected to open each box and inspect each part. If you have any problems during delivery, please don’t hesitate calling us.

Shipping Damage must be noted on the Shippers Bill.

Digital pictures are required to expedite any damage claims. Damaged items must not be thrown away without shippers release. 

Shortages must be noted on the Shippers Bill.

In the event you receive a damaged item or are missing a part, please follow these steps.
1. Should you find a damaged cabinet during the receiving process, this must be noted on the shipper’s bill before you sign for the shipment.
2. Notify us immediately of any shipping or damage problem.
3. If there was damage during shipping or a missing piece, then a freight claim must be filed. We will handle this. It is in both of our best interests to file this claim without delay.
4. Determine the extent of damage. If a cabinet only has a bent hinge or missing screw, etc. then a new repair part can be sent out. If the cabinet box is damaged, you may need a complete new cabinet for

replacement. Small items such as a hinge can be sent out quickly, without us needing the old part back.
Note: damage is relatively rare.

Any Concealed Damage must be reported within 5 days of delivery.