Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale

Buying kitchen cabinets wholesale doesn’t necessarily mean buying cabinets in bulk or buying a warehouse full of cabinets. The name implies that you might be eliminating a middleman or buying on a business to business however so many marketers throw out the word “wholesale” as if their pricing was some how better or that you must be getting a bargain.
The Kitchen Cabinet Industry is not immune to this type of sales puffery and psycological gimmickery. The smart thing for a kitchen cabinet shopper to do is simply ignore the word “wholesale” or even be a little on guard when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Cabinets wholesale to the public! Hmmm Wait just a minute. kitchen cabinets wholesale to the public
Does the consumer really believe that this retail transaction doesn’t have profit margin built in for the seller? So does the seller expect the buyer to believe that he bought the cabinets at wholesale pricing and is selling the cabinets at the same price! I hope most consumer are smarter than that, especially when shopping for kitchen cabinets. By Granger Davis