Kitchen Cabinets Direct from Warehouse

The RTA Cabinet Mall sells Kitchen Cabinets Direct from the Warehouse. Your new kitchen set is shipped from the warehouse directly to your home. Its called drop shipping and is a common business model among RTA Cabinet Dealers. The obvious advantage is that we have little in the way of overhead expenses. With no brick n mortar showroom locations to support, we are able to cut the prices to a reasonable level which can save you thousands on a kitchen remodel or simple cabinet replacement. The disadvantage is that there is no brick n mortar store… no showroom to go touch and feel the cabinets before they’re delivered. Short of that, there is still the same people to turn to. same designers, same warranty, same cabinets. At the RTA Cabinet Mall, we encourage you to visit your local cabinet shop. Touch the cabinets, talk to the sales people and learn all about the cabinet choices. Just keep in mind that your shopping is not complete without a quote from us.
Buying Kitchen Cabinets Direct from the Warehouse still gives you the same recourse against fraud. Sometimes even more security with payment systems like paypal. Paypal does not reveal your credit card number to the merchant. You pay paypal and paypal pays the merchant. In the event of a dispute, paypal is quick to return buyer funds and ask questions later.
In short, Buying Kitchen Cabinets Direct from a warehouse is a safe and efficient way to save on your kitchen remodel.
by Granger Davis