Keys to a Successful DIY Project – its not just about saving money

Do It Yourself Projects are not about just saving a few dollars. OK, the money might be the biggest draw in the beginning but here are certainly many more advantages for DIYers. Total control over the project comes to mind. Cutting out the contractor or middleman does eliminate some of the expertise and of course their associated cost but it also allows a person to inject there own individual personality. Freedom to customize every detail can be quite rewarding and educational. As you begin your how-to research, your natural creative juices will start flow. Your initial visualization of the finished project may begin shift as you imagine more possibilities.
DIY Kitchen Remodel
A DIYer can also be quite flexible when it comes to gathering the required materials. With the ability to plan weeks ahead and with no set finish date, you can research literally thousands of suppliers to find just the right items at just the right prices and coordinate deliveries for your target dates or simply purchase your materials over time to ease the strain on your finances. The point being, you are not tied to a single dealer or supplier and will not be forced to endure the endless sales pitches of why you must use one product over another.

There is another benefit that most beginning do-it-yourselfers don’t see until the project is completed. The psychological factor…. The satisfaction factor. The feelings of accomplishment and the confidence in ones own abilities will stay with you long after the memories of the actual work. The educational value as well as the knowledge gained can go far beyond the dollars saved.

We’ve labeled some of the benefits of DIY Projects: saving money – personalize – eliminate middlemen – wider choices of materials and design – accomplishment, confidence and confidence, etc. We should identify costs. Beyond the money spent on the actual materials there is typically another major cost factor. Your Time. For a successful DIY project you will need to invest your time. The time involved is probably why many people shy away from larger DIY projects and simply hire a contractor. The professional you might hire may be able to deliver, install and be gone from your life before you even consider doing it yourself. A contractor will have materials and tools ready to go not to mention know how and the little tips and tricks.
rta kitchen cabinets
Bottom Line is that for a Successful DIY Project, you will need to invest some time. Some time researching how to, some time shopping for and acquiring materials and still more time applying your knowledge, installing your materials and finishing your project.

My wife and I sell kitchen cabinets online and one of our main marketing target groups is  DIYers. While many may consider a kitchen remodel to be the grand daddy of all DIY Projects, we’ve found kitchen remodels can be broken into several sub projects that just about any novice can handle. Again, those that invest the time and effort are rewarded with far more than the thousands of dollars in savings. Over the years, we’ve found that the prospective customer who ask lots of questions (and listens to the answers) will be far happier and much more likely to refer us. The clients that simply demand a kitchen like they saw in a magazine are more likely to be struggling with the remodel. I hear “I didn’t realize that my new refrigerator needed that much space” or “why won’t my 36″ sink fit inside a 36″ cabinet?” I do sympathize and understand the aggravation involved even though I know that 9 out of 10 remodel problems are avoidable with a little research and planning.

To sum up