Heritage RTA raised panel Kitchen Cabinets

Free Freight (orders over $2000)

heritage cabinet specs

The heritage red birch is a sexy stained cabinet. The door’s are a solid wood raised panel full overlay. The drawer faces are 5piece style. Ships from FL with a typical processing time of 72 hours

FREE FREIGHT! *** minimum purchase required.*** Orders less than $2000 may see a small supplemental freight charge attached at check out. Delivery only to your confirmed credit card address, lower 48 States only.   (all sales in usd $) Sales Tax is collected on FL destinations only (resale certificate exceptions).

Pre-arranged customer pick ups or “customer directed” commercial pick ups may be available. Pre-Assembly may be available on certain cabinet lines. Adds approximately $20 per cabinet plus additional freight charges and adds two weeks to delivery times.

Prices, Specifications and Availability subject to change without notice. If you have any questions please call 386-761-4946

W0930-hert 85.2503652
WALL1DO-9w x 30h x 12d
W1230-hert 102.9242214
WALL1DO-12w x 30h x 12d
W1530-hert 124.4100858
WALL1DO-15w x 30h x 12d
W1830-hert 132.3806484
WALL1DO-18w x 30h x 12d
W2130-hert 156.9854286
WALL1DO-21w x 30h x 12d
W0936-hert 96.3398436
WALL1DO-9w x 36h x 12d
W1236-hert 116.4395232
WALL1DO-12w x 36h x 12d
W1536-hert 140.6977572
WALL1DO-15w x 36h x 12d
W1836-hert 149.7079584
WALL1DO-18w x 36h x 12d
W2136-hert 177.4316544
WALL1DO-21w x 36h x 12d
W0942-hert 106.7362296
WALL1DO-9w x 42h x 12d
W1242-hert 128.5686402
WALL1DO-12w x 42h x 12d
W1542-hert 155.5992438
WALL1DO-15w x 42h x 12d
W1842-hert 165.6490836
WALL1DO-18w x 42h x 12d
W2142-hert 196.1451492
WALL1DO-21w x 42h x 12d
W2430-hert 163.5698064
WALL2DO-24w x 30h x 12d
W2730-hert 184.7091246
WALL2DO-27w x 30h x 12d
W3030-hert 206.194989
WALL2DO-30w x 30h x 12d
W3330-hert 217.2844674
WALL2DO-33w x 30h x 12d
W3630-hert 227.3343072
WALL2DO-36w x 30h x 12d
W4230-hert 287.9798922
WALL2DO-42w x 30h x 12d
W2436-hert 184.7091246
WALL2DO-24w x 36h x 12d
W2736-hert 208.9673586
WALL2DO-27w x 36h x 12d
W3036-hert 232.8790464
WALL2DO-30w x 36h x 12d
W3336-hert 245.3547096
WALL2DO-33w x 36h x 12d
W3636-hert 269.2663974
WALL2DO-36w x 36h x 12d
W2442-hert 204.462258
WALL2DO-24w x 42h x 12d
W2742-hert 231.1463154
WALL2DO-27w x 42h x 12d
W3042-hert 257.8303728
WALL2DO-30w x 42h x 12d
W3342-hert 271.3456746
WALL2DO-33w x 42h x 12d
W3642-hert 292.831539
WALL2DO-36w x 42h x 12d
W3012-hert 120.2515314
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 12h x 12d
W3612-hert 126.1428168
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 12h x 12d
W3015-hert 120.9446238
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 15h x 12d
W3315-hert 142.7770344
WALLBRIDGE-33w x 15h x 12d
W3615-hert 152.480328
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 15h x 12d
W3018-hert 137.9253876
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 18h x 12d
W3318-hert 147.9752274
WALLBRIDGE-33w x 18h x 12d
W3618-hert 165.9956298
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 18h x 12d
W3024-hert 158.0250672
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 24h x 12d
W3624-hert 200.3037036
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 24h x 12d
W361224-hert 178.8178392
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 12h x 24d
W361824-hert 207.2346276
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 18h x 24d
W362424-hert 253.6718184
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 24h x 24d
BLW2730-hert 213.8190054
WALLBLIND-27w x 30h x 12d
BLW3030-hert 244.6616172
WALLBLIND-30w x 30h x 12d
BLW3630-hert 266.1474816
WALLBLIND-36w x 30h x 12d
BLW3930-hert 292.1384466
WALLBLIND-39w x 30h x 12d
BLW2736-hert 241.5427014
WALLBLIND-27w x 36h x 12d
BLW3036-hert 276.5438676
WALLBLIND-30w x 36h x 12d
BLW3636-hert 300.8021016
WALLBLIND-36w x 36h x 12d
BLW3936-hert 330.2585286
WALLBLIND-39w x 36h x 12d
BLW2742-hert 274.8111366
WALLBLIND-27w x 42h x 12d
BLW3042-hert 285.900615
WALLBLIND-30w x 42h x 12d
BLW3642-hert 305.3072022
WALLBLIND-36w x 42h x 12d
BLW3942-hert 365.2596948
WALLBLIND-39w x 42h x 12d
WDC2430-hert 208.9673586
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 30h x 12d
WDC2436-hert 235.9979622
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 36h x 12d
WDC2442-hert 260.9492886
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 42h x 12d
WDC274215-hert 300.1090092
WALLDIAG-27x27w x 42h x 15d
WDC2418-hert 160.1043444
ApplianceGARAGE-17+diagw x 18h x 12d
WR3618-hert 159.411252
WINERACK-36w x 18h x 12d
PR3018-hert 165.9956298
PLATERACK-30w x 18h x 12d
WESR0630-hert 55.1008458
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 30h x 12d
WESR0636-hert 60.2990388
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 36h x 12d
WESR1230-hert 100.1518518
WALLENDSHELF-12w x 30h x 12d
WESR0642-hert 91.834743
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 42h x 12d
WESR1242-hert 134.8064718
WALLENDSHELF-12w x 42h x 12d
WEA1230-hert 138.61848
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 30h x 12d
WEA1236-hert 141.3908496
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 36h x 12d
WEA1242-hert 176.3920158
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 42h x 12d
MC3018-hert 75.2005254
MWBOX-30w x 18h x 12x18d
WMC3030-hert 229.0670382
MWCCOMBO-30w x 30h x 12x18d
WMC3036-hert 270.9991284
MWCCOMBO-30w x 36h x 12x18d
WMC3042-hert 286.9402536
MWCCOMBO-30w x 42h x 12x18d
B09-hert 129.954825
BASE1DO-9w x 34.5h x 24d
B12-hert 151.0941432
BASE1DO-12w x 34.5h x 24d
B15-hert 173.2731
BASE1DO-15w x 34.5h x 24d
B18-hert 186.7884018
BASE1DO-18w x 34.5h x 24d
B21-hert 207.92772
BASE1DO-21w x 34.5h x 24d
B24B-hert 229.4135844
BASE2DO-24w x 34.5h x 24d
B27B-hert 265.107843
BASE2DO-27w x 34.5h x 24d
B30B-hert 300.8021016
BASE2DO-30w x 34.5h x 24d
B33B-hert 331.2981672
BASE2DO-33w x 34.5h x 24d
B36B-hert 345.5065614
BASE2DO-36w x 34.5h x 24d
B42-hert 392.9833908
BASE2DO-42w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB12-hert 197.1847878
BASE3DWR-12w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB15-hert 213.125913
BASE3DWR-15w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB18-hert 232.8790464
BASE3DWR-18w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB21-hert 252.2856336
BASE3DWR-21w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB24-hert 268.2267588
BASE3DWR-24w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB30-hert 311.1984876
BASE3DWR-30w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB36-hert 355.9029474
BASE3DWR-36w x 34.5h x 24d
SB24-hert 241.5427014
BASESINK-24w x 34.5h x 24d
SB27-hert 257.4838266
BASESINK-27w x 34.5h x 24d
SB30-hert 273.771498
BASESINK-30w x 34.5h x 24d
SB33-hert 291.7919004
BASESINK-33w x 34.5h x 24d
SB36-hert 303.227925
BASESINK-36w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB3639-hert 318.1294116
BASEBLIND-36.39w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB3942-hert 336.8429064
BASEBLIND-39.42w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB4245-hert 350.7047544
BASEBLIND-42.45w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB4548-hert 376.3491732
BASEBLIND-45.48w x 34.5h x 24d
CAR36-hert 473.7286554
BASECORNERLS-36+36w x 34.5h x 24d
BSQ36-hert 441.1533126
BASECORNER-36+36w x 34.5h x 24d
CSF36-hert 123.3704472
CORNERSINKFRONT-36+36~w x 34.5h x 24d
CSF42-hert 154.5596052
CORNERSINKFRONT-42+42~w x 34.5h x 24d
CSFFL36-hert 31.5357042
CORNERSINKFRONTFLOOR-36×36~w x 0.5h x 24d
CSFFL42-hert 39.5062668
CORNERSINKFRONTFLOOR-42+42~w x 0.5h x 24d
BEC24-hert 178.8178392
BASEENDANGLE-24w x 34.5h x 24d
WP182484-hert 518.4331152
PANTRY-18w x 84h x 24d
WP182490-hert 536.4535176
PANTRY-18w x 90h x 24d
WP182496-hert 558.9790206
PANTRY-18w x 96h x 24d
WP242484-hert 580.464885
PANTRY-24w x 84h x 24d
WP242490-hert 600.9111108
PANTRY-24w x 90h x 24d
WP242496-hert 626.9020758
PANTRY-24w x 96h x 24d
OC2784-hert 506.6505444
OVEN-27w x 84h x 24d
OC2790-hert 548.9291808
OVEN-27w x 90h x 24d
OC2796-hert 591.2078172
OVEN-27w x 96h x 24d
OC3384-hert 671.2599894
OVEN-33w x 84h x 24d
OC3390-hert 696.557862
OVEN-33w x 90h x 24d
OC3396-hert 722.2022808
OVEN-33w x 96h x 24d
SDC30-hert 88.369281
WALLSPICE30X66DRW-6w x 30h x 12d
BWRC6-hert 116.092977
BASESPICE6DRW6-6w x 34.5h x 24d
BWR06-hert 108.1224144
BASEWINE6SLOT-6w x 34.5h x 24d
UF330-hert 15.9411252
WALLFILLER-3w x 30h x 0.75d
UF630-hert 32.2287966
WALLFILLER-6w x 30h x 0.75d
WF342-hert 31.5357042
WALLFILLER-3w x 42h x 0.75d
WF642-hert 41.2389978
WALLFILLER-6w x 42h x 0.75d
WF330F-hert 16.9807638
WALLFILLERFLUTED-3w x 30h x 0.75d
PVCFF330-hert 16.9807638
WALLFILLERFLUTED-3w x 30h x 0.75d
WF342F-hert 24.6047802
WALLFILLERFLUTED-3w x 42h x 0.75d
PVCFF342-hert 24.6047802
WALLFILLERFLUTED-3w x 42h x 0.75d
TF396-hert 52.6750224
TALLFILLER-3w x 96h x 0.75d
TF696-hert 104.3104062
TALLFILLER-6w x 96h x 0.75d
TF396F-hert 29.1098808
TALLFILLER-3w x 96h x 0.75d
PVCFF396-hert 49.5561066
TALLFILLERFLUTED-3w x 96h x 0.75d
TK8 4.5 .5 8′-hert 25.6444188
TOEKICK-4.5w x 96h x 0.5d
DWR3(BEP3)-hert 57.180123
BASEPANELDISHWASH-3w x 34.5h x 24d
REP96-hert 95.9932974
BP36X48-hert 45.051006
PANELS.25-36w x 48h x 0.25d
BP48X34-hert 41.2389978
PANELS.25-48w x 34h x 0.25d
PLY3X8-hert 81.438357
PANELS.25-36w x 96h x 0.25d
VAS48-hert 23.5651416
VALANCESCALLOP-48w x h x 0.75d
VAS60-hert 33.6149814
VALANCESCALLOP-60w x h x 0.75d
VA42-hert 13.861848
VALANCEARCHED-42w x h x 0.75d
VA48-hert 14.9014866
VALANCEARCHED-48w x h x 0.75d
VA60-hert 18.0204024
VALANCEARCHED-60w x h x 0.75d
BDE24-hert 103.96386
DECOEND (door)-
WDE30-hert 48.8630142
DECOEND (door)-
WDE36-hert 58.5663078
DECOEND (door)-
WDE42-hert 68.2696014
DECOEND (door)-
RM8-hert 12.129117
DM8-hert 18.3669486
OCM8-hert 29.1098808
LRM8-hert 51.98193
WPM8-hert 31.8822504
1″W .25h 8’l sm8-hert 9.3567474
BM8 .75x.25×8′-hert 12.129117
OGM 2.875x.75×8′-hert 46.783737
FBM8-hert 85.5969114
BB3X3-hert 5.198193
WH30-hert 229.0670382
TP34.5-hert 115.3998846
TOUCHup-hert 16.9807638
.5pt-hert 31.189158
SK1824-hert 11.0894784
SK2424-hert 15.2480328
CM8-hert 37.4269896
RCM4-hert 121.29117
SBF12-hert 75.5470716
W1515SAM-hert 25.990965
RD18-hert 48.516468
RD21-hert 50.9422914
RD24-hert 56.8335768
RD27-hert 59.6059464
RD30-hert 62.7248622
RD33-hert 65.843778
RD36-hert 68.9626938
V2421H-hert 241.5427014
VANITY34.5H-24w x 34.5h x 21d
V3021H-hert 252.978726
VANITY34.5H-30w x 34.5h x 21d
V3621H-hert 325.753428
VANITY34.5H-36w x 34.5h x 21d
VDB12H-hert 269.2663974
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-12w x 34.5h x 21d
VDB15H-hert 291.4453542
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-15w x 34.5h x 21d
VDB18H-hert 315.7035882
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-18w x 34.5h x 21d
VDB21H-hert 342.3876456
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-21w x 34.5h x 21d
V4821D-hert 412.389978
VANITY34.5H2TOPDRW-48w x 34.5h x 21d