Harvest Birch raised panel RTA

Free Freight (orders over $2000)

harvest birchrta

The harvest is a beautifully stained birch. The door’s are a stylish raised panel, traditional overlay design with mortise door frame construction. The drawer faces are 5piece style. Ships from FL with a typical processing time of 72 hours

FREE FREIGHT! *** minimum purchase required.*** Orders less than $2000 may see a small supplemental freight charge attached at check out. Delivery only to your confirmed credit card address, lower 48 States only.   (all sales in usd $) Sales Tax is collected on FL destinations only (resale certificate exceptions).

Pre-arranged customer pick ups or “customer directed” commercial pick ups may be available. Pre-Assembly may be available on certain cabinet lines. Adds approximately $20 per cabinet plus additional freight charges and adds two weeks to delivery times.

Prices, Specifications and Availability subject to change without notice. If you have any questions please call 386-761-4946

W0930-harv 70.2268424
WALL1DO-9w x 30h x 12d
W1230-harv 84.27221088
WALL1DO-12w x 30h x 12d
W1530-harv 93.51258488
WALL1DO-15w x 30h x 12d
W1830-harv 107.92756832
WALL1DO-18w x 30h x 12d
W2130-harv 121.9729368
WALL1DO-21w x 30h x 12d
W0942-harv 92.77335496
WALL1DO-9w x 42h x 12d
W1242-harv 111.25410296
WALL1DO-12w x 42h x 12d
W1542-harv 123.45139664
WALL1DO-15w x 42h x 12d
W1842-harv 136.38792024
WALL1DO-18w x 42h x 12d
W2142-harv 152.28136352
WALL1DO-21w x 42h x 12d
W2430-harv 136.01830528
WALL2DO-24w x 30h x 12d
W2730-harv 149.6940588
WALL2DO-27w x 30h x 12d
W3030-harv 163.73942728
WALL2DO-30w x 30h x 12d
W3330-harv 177.4151808
WALL2DO-33w x 30h x 12d
W3630-harv 191.46054928
WALL2DO-36w x 30h x 12d
W4230-harv 218.81205632
WALL2DO-42w x 30h x 12d
W2442-harv 174.45826112
WALL2DO-24w x 42h x 12d
W2742-harv 192.1997792
WALL2DO-27w x 42h x 12d
W3042-harv 204.02745792
WALL2DO-30w x 42h x 12d
W3342-harv 221.768976
WALL2DO-33w x 42h x 12d
W3642-harv 240.98895392
WALL2DO-36w x 42h x 12d
W3012-harv 95.36065968
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 12h x 12d
W3612-harv 111.99333288
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 12h x 12d
W3015-harv 116.4287124
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 15h x 12d
W3315-harv 120.124862
WALLBRIDGE-33w x 15h x 12d
W3615-harv 136.01830528
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 15h x 12d
W3018-harv 129.365236
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 18h x 12d
W3318-harv 134.53984544
WALLBRIDGE-33w x 18h x 12d
W3618-harv 151.5421336
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 18h x 12d
W3024-harv 152.28136352
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 24h x 12d
W3624-harv 178.15441072
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 24h x 12d
W361224-harv 162.6305824
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 12h x 24d
W361824-harv 201.4401532
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 18h x 24d
W362424-harv 221.768976
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 24h x 24d
BLW2730-harv 164.10904224
WALLBLIND-27w x 30h x 12d
BLW3030-harv 192.1997792
WALLBLIND-30w x 30h x 12d
BLW2742-harv 216.2247516
WALLBLIND-27w x 42h x 12d
BLW3042-harv 231.00935
WALLBLIND-30w x 42h x 12d
WDC2430-harv 176.30633592
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 30h x 12d
WDC2442-harv 221.768976
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 42h x 12d
WR3618-harv 138.60561
WINERACK-36w x 18h x 12d
PR3018-harv 138.60561
PLATERACK-30w x 18h x 12d
WESR0630-harv 73.55337704
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 30h x 12d
WESR1230-harv 91.29489512
WALLENDSHELF-12w x 30h x 12d
WESR0642-harv 82.42413608
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 42h x 12d
WESR1242-harv 115.31986752
WALLENDSHELF-12w x 42h x 12d
WEA1230-harv 127.5171612
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 30h x 12d
WEA1242-harv 174.82787608
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 42h x 12d
B09-harv 100.90488408
BASE1DO-9w x 34.5h x 24d
B12-harv 115.31986752
BASE1DO-12w x 34.5h x 24d
B15-harv 129.365236
BASE1DO-15w x 34.5h x 24d
B18-harv 141.19291472
BASE1DO-18w x 34.5h x 24d
B21-harv 153.02059344
BASE1DO-21w x 34.5h x 24d
B24B-harv 162.26096744
BASE2DO-24w x 34.5h x 24d
B27B-harv 183.32902016
BASE2DO-27w x 34.5h x 24d
B30B-harv 205.50591776
BASE2DO-30w x 34.5h x 24d
B33B-harv 228.05243032
BASE2DO-33w x 34.5h x 24d
B36B-harv 242.46741376
BASE2DO-36w x 34.5h x 24d
B42-harv 269.07969088
BASE2DO-42w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB12-harv 175.567106
BASE3DWR-12w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB15-harv 182.9594052
BASE3DWR-15w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB18-harv 212.15898704
BASE3DWR-18w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB21-harv 223.24743584
BASE3DWR-21w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB24-harv 252.07740272
BASE3DWR-24w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB30-harv 272.77584048
BASE3DWR-30w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB36-harv 308.6284916
BASE3DWR-36w x 34.5h x 24d
SB30-harv 194.78708392
BASESINK-30w x 34.5h x 24d
SB33-harv 208.46283744
BASESINK-33w x 34.5h x 24d
SB36-harv 220.29051616
BASESINK-36w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB3639-harv 234.7054996
BASEBLIND-36.39w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB3942-harv 251.3381728
BASEBLIND-39.42w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB4245-harv 266.1227712
BASEBLIND-42.45w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB4548-harv 280.9073696
BASEBLIND-45.48w x 34.5h x 24d
CAR36-harv 371.09341984
BASECORNERLS-36+36w x 34.5h x 24d
CSF36-harv 108.66679824
CORNERSINKFRONT-36+36~w x 34.5h x 24d
CSFFL36-harv 36.22226608
CORNERSINKFRONTFLOOR-36×36~w x 0.5h x 24d
WP182484-harv 406.576456
PANTRY-18w x 84h x 24d
WP182496-harv 465.7148496
PANTRY-18w x 96h x 24d
WP242484-harv 473.84637872
PANTRY-24w x 84h x 24d
WP242496-harv 498.980196
PANTRY-24w x 96h x 24d
SOC2784-harv 490.10943696
SOC2796-harv 505.63326528
SOC3384-harv 629.45427688
SOC3396-harv 642.39080048
UF330-harv 12.9365236
WALLFILLER-3w x 30h x 0.75d
UF630-harv 25.50343224
WALLFILLER-6w x 30h x 0.75d
WF342-harv 25.13381728
WALLFILLER-3w x 42h x 0.75d
WF642-harv 32.52611648
WALLFILLER-6w x 42h x 0.75d
TF396-harv 41.39687552
TALLFILLER-3w x 96h x 0.75d
TF696-harv 82.05452112
TALLFILLER-6w x 96h x 0.75d
TK8 4.5 .5 8′-harv 21.80728264
TOEKICK-4.5w x 96h x 0.5d
DWR3(BEP3)-harv 46.94109992
BASEPANELDISHWASH-3w x 34.5h x 24d
REP96-harv 99.42642424
PLY3X8-harv 90.5556652
PANELS.25-36w x 96h x 0.25d
VAS48-harv 25.13381728
VALANCESCALLOP-48w x h x 0.75d
VAS60-harv 35.85265112
VALANCESCALLOP-60w x h x 0.75d
BDE24-harv 72.81414712
DECOEND (door)-
WDE30-harv 46.20187
DECOEND (door)-
WDE42-harv 64.682618
DECOEND (door)-
OCM8-harv 15.52382832
LRM8-harv 58.39916368
1″W .25h 8’l sm8-harv 8.50114408
BM8 .75x.25×8′-harv 9.60998896
SK3624-harv 20.3288228
CM8-1-harv 53.5941692
SBF12-harv 58.76877864
W1515SAM-harv 27.721122
RD18-harv 25.8730472
RD21-harv 30.67804168
RD24-harv 38.8095708
RD27-harv 46.20187
RD30-harv 51.7460944
RD33-harv 58.76877864
RD36-harv 62.8345432
V2421H-harv 175.19749104
VANITY34.5H-24w x 34.5h x 21d
V3021H-harv 189.98208944
VANITY34.5H-30w x 34.5h x 21d
V3621D-harv 255.0343224
V4221D-harv 321.19540024
VDB12H-harv 194.78708392
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-12w x 34.5h x 21d
VDB15H-harv 202.91861304
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-15w x 34.5h x 21d
V4821D-harv 365.9188104
VANITY34.5H2TOPDRW-48w x 34.5h x 21d
V6021D 34.5-harv 354.8303616