Green Cabinets

We recognize our impact on the environment


We prefer to partner with innovative companies that not only optimize the use of environmentally safe  procedures but also use sustainable raw materials such as soy and new growth tree farming.  Many of the finishes and sealants used meet VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) guidelines for industrial and architectural applications and some have even been LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. Sherwin Williams, Mohawk, and Valspar, provide quality paints, stains, and sealants.These companies are environmentally conscious and are making breakthroughs daily on safer, cleaner products. The environmentally friendly penetrating stain / paint is applied with meticulous processes. Use of a low pressure spray system, creates a fine mist spray that uses less stain, emitting fewer chemicals for earth–friendly products.


The search for more eco–friendly products is a concern for us and a key factor in deciding which products to source and sell. We partner with our suppliers to ensure that fair labor practices are met for all of our products. Even though many of our products are coming from overseas, we demand certain ISO procedures and give preference to those suppliers that have proven to use environmentally safe products and techniques.  When reviewing our shipping and logistics to reduce waste and minimize non–renewable energy usage, we prefer to direct business to those companies with a green attitude.

Efforts involve screening suppliers to limit VOCs in the cabinet production facilities with inspected specs of stains, paints and top coat materials along with the use of a low pressure misting application with reclaimation and recycle equipment (which limits the release of volitiles into the atmosphere). Tree farmed woods, low energy kilns and recycling mills are a few items we look for in our suppliers production processes.

Going green is not just our way to help the environment, but it is the beginning of a conversation we hope all Americans will join.