City White Shaker RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Free Freight (orders over $2000)

city white shaker rta kitchen cabinets

The city white shaker is a seductive painted cabinet. The door’s are contemporary flat. The drawer faces are 5piece style. Door and Drawer Face are fabricated with MDF material for long term stability. Ships from FL with a typical processing time of 72 hours

FREE FREIGHT! *** minimum purchase required.*** Orders less than $2000 may see a small supplemental freight charge attached at check out. Delivery only to your confirmed credit card address, lower 48 States only.   (all sales in usd $) Sales Tax is collected on FL destinations only (resale certificate exceptions).

Pre-arranged customer pick ups or “customer directed” commercial pick ups may be available. Pre-Assembly may be available on certain cabinet lines. Adds approximately $20 per cabinet plus additional freight charges and adds two weeks to delivery times.

Prices, Specifications and Availability subject to change without notice. If you have any questions please call 386-761-4946

W0930-cty 80.0819448
WALL1DO-9w x 30h x 12d
W1230-cty 96.590065
WALL1DO-12w x 30h x 12d
W1530-cty 116.9617878
WALL1DO-15w x 30h x 12d
W1830-cty 124.3377564
WALL1DO-18w x 30h x 12d
W2130-cty 147.519372
WALL1DO-21w x 30h x 12d
W0936-cty 90.6190428
WALL1DO-9w x 36h x 12d
W1236-cty 109.2345826
WALL1DO-12w x 36h x 12d
W1536-cty 132.0649616
WALL1DO-15w x 36h x 12d
W1836-cty 140.49464
WALL1DO-18w x 36h x 12d
W2136-cty 166.837385
WALL1DO-21w x 36h x 12d
W0942-cty 100.102431
WALL1DO-9w x 42h x 12d
W1242-cty 120.8253904
WALL1DO-12w x 42h x 12d
W1542-cty 146.1144256
WALL1DO-15w x 42h x 12d
W1842-cty 155.5978138
WALL1DO-18w x 42h x 12d
W2142-cty 184.399215
WALL1DO-21w x 42h x 12d
W2430-cty 153.4903942
WALL2DO-24w x 30h x 12d
W2730-cty 173.5108804
WALL2DO-27w x 30h x 12d
W3030-cty 193.5313666
WALL2DO-30w x 30h x 12d
W3330-cty 204.0684646
WALL2DO-33w x 30h x 12d
W3630-cty 213.5518528
WALL2DO-36w x 30h x 12d
W4230-cty 270.452182
WALL2DO-42w x 30h x 12d
W2436-cty 173.5108804
WALL2DO-24w x 36h x 12d
W2736-cty 195.9900228
WALL2DO-27w x 36h x 12d
W3036-cty 218.8204018
WALL2DO-30w x 36h x 12d
W3336-cty 230.4112096
WALL2DO-33w x 36h x 12d
W3636-cty 241.2995442
WALL2DO-36w x 36h x 12d
W2442-cty 192.1264202
WALL2DO-24w x 42h x 12d
W2742-cty 217.0642188
WALL2DO-27w x 42h x 12d
W3042-cty 242.0020174
WALL2DO-30w x 42h x 12d
W3342-cty 254.9977716
WALL2DO-33w x 42h x 12d
W3642-cty 266.939816
WALL2DO-36w x 42h x 12d
W3012-cty 112.7469486
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 12h x 12d
W3612-cty 118.3667342
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 12h x 12d
W3015-cty 113.4494218
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 15h x 12d
W3315-cty 134.1723812
WALLBRIDGE-33w x 15h x 12d
W3615-cty 143.3045328
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 15h x 12d
W3018-cty 129.6063054
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 18h x 12d
W3318-cty 139.0896936
WALLBRIDGE-33w x 18h x 12d
W3618-cty 155.9490504
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 18h x 12d
W3024-cty 151.3829746
WALLBRIDGE-30w x 24h x 12d
W3624-cty 188.2628176
WALLBRIDGE-36w x 24h x 12d
W361224-cty 174.9158268
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 12h x 24d
W361824-cty 194.5850764
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 18h x 24d
W362424-cty 238.1384148
WALLBRIDGEDEEP-36w x 24h x 24d
BLW2730-cty 200.9073352
WALLBLIND-27w x 30h x 12d
BLW3030-cty 230.059973
WALLBLIND-30w x 30h x 12d
BLW2736-cty 226.8988436
WALLBLIND-27w x 36h x 12d
BLW3036-cty 259.915084
WALLBLIND-30w x 36h x 12d
BLW2742-cty 258.158901
WALLBLIND-27w x 42h x 12d
BLW3042-cty 268.695999
WALLBLIND-30w x 42h x 12d
WDC2430-cty 195.9900228
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 30h x 12d
WDC2436-cty 221.6302946
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 36h x 12d
WDC2442-cty 245.1631468
WALLDIAG-24x24w x 42h x 12d
WR3618-cty 149.6267916
WINERACK-36w x 18h x 12d
PR3018-cty 149.6267916
PLATERACK-30w x 18h x 12d
WESR0630-cty 69.8960834
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 30h x 12d
WESR0636-cty 77.9745252
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 36h x 12d
WESR1230-cty 101.5073774
WALLENDSHELF-12w x 30h x 12d
WESR0642-cty 93.077699
WALLENDSHELF-6w x 42h x 12d
WESR1242-cty 136.6310374
WALLENDSHELF-12w x 42h x 12d
WEA1230-cty 136.982274
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 30h x 12d
WEA1236-cty 132.7674348
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 36h x 12d
WEA1242-cty 176.6720098
WALLENDANGLE-12w x 42h x 12d
B09-cty 123.2840466
BASE1DO-9w x 34.5h x 24d
B12-cty 143.3045328
BASE1DO-12w x 34.5h x 24d
B15-cty 164.0274922
BASE1DO-15w x 34.5h x 24d
B18-cty 176.6720098
BASE1DO-18w x 34.5h x 24d
B21-cty 196.692496
BASE1DO-21w x 34.5h x 24d
B24B-cty 216.7129822
BASE2DO-24w x 34.5h x 24d
B27B-cty 250.0804592
BASE2DO-27w x 34.5h x 24d
B30B-cty 283.7991728
BASE2DO-30w x 34.5h x 24d
B33B-cty 313.6542838
BASE2DO-33w x 34.5h x 24d
B36B-cty 326.650038
BASE2DO-36w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB12-cty 188.6140542
BASE3DWR-12w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB15-cty 203.717228
BASE3DWR-15w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB18-cty 222.3327678
BASE3DWR-18w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB21-cty 240.597071
BASE3DWR-21w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB24-cty 255.7002448
BASE3DWR-24w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB30-cty 296.0924538
BASE3DWR-30w x 34.5h x 24d
3DB36-cty 337.8896092
BASE3DWR-36w x 34.5h x 24d
SB30-cty 257.1051912
BASESINK-30w x 34.5h x 24d
SB33-cty 273.964548
BASESINK-33w x 34.5h x 24d
SB36-cty 284.8528826
BASESINK-36w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB3639-cty 299.9560564
BASEBLIND-36.39w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB3942-cty 317.5178864
BASEBLIND-39.42w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB4245-cty 330.8648772
BASEBLIND-42.45w x 34.5h x 24d
BLB4548-cty 354.748966
BASEBLIND-45.48w x 34.5h x 24d
CAR36-cty 445.0167722
BASECORNERLS-36+36w x 34.5h x 24d
CSF36-cty 115.5568414
CORNERSINKFRONT-36+36~w x 34.5h x 24d
CSFFL36-cty 29.5038744
CORNERSINKFRONTFLOOR-36×36~w x 0.5h x 24d
BEC24-cty 167.8910948
BASEENDANGLE-24w x 34.5h x 24d
WP182484-cty 486.8139276
PANTRY-18w x 84h x 24d
WP182490-cty 504.024521
PANTRY-18w x 90h x 24d
WP182496-cty 525.098717
PANTRY-18w x 96h x 24d
WP242484-cty 545.4704398
PANTRY-24w x 84h x 24d
WP242490-cty 564.4372162
PANTRY-24w x 90h x 24d
WP242496-cty 589.0237782
PANTRY-24w x 96h x 24d
SOC2784-cty 539.148181
SOC2790-cty 565.490926
SOC2796-cty 590.077488
SOC3384-cty 697.204651
SOC3390-cty 723.547396
SOC3396-cty 756.914873
UF330-cty 15.1031738
WALLFILLER-3w x 30h x 0.75d
UF630-cty 30.2063476
WALLFILLER-6w x 30h x 0.75d
WF342-cty 29.5038744
WALLFILLER-3w x 42h x 0.75d
WF642-cty 38.636026
WALLFILLER-6w x 42h x 0.75d
TF396-cty 49.5243606
TALLFILLER-3w x 96h x 0.75d
TF696-cty 97.6437748
TALLFILLER-6w x 96h x 0.75d
TF396F-cty 27.3964548
TALLFILLER-3w x 96h x 0.75d
PVCFF396-cty 46.7144678
TALLFILLERFLUTED-3w x 96h x 0.75d
TK8 4.5 .5 8′-cty 24.2353254
TOEKICK-4.5w x 96h x 0.5d
DWR3(BEP3)-cty 53.7391998
BASEPANELDISHWASH-3w x 34.5h x 24d
REP96-cty 97.2925382
BEP24-cty 46.0119946
WEP30-cty 25.9915084
WEP42-cty 35.12366
TEP84-cty 81.4868912
TEP96-cty 86.7554402
PLY3X8-cty 92.3752258
PANELS.25-36w x 96h x 0.25d
VAS48-cty 23.8840888
VALANCESCALLOP-48w x h x 0.75d
VAS60-cty 34.0699502
VALANCESCALLOP-60w x h x 0.75d
BDE24-cty 101.1561408
DECOEND (door)-
WDE30-cty 45.660758
DECOEND (door)-
WDE36-cty 58.3052756
DECOEND (door)-
WDE42-cty 64.2762978
DECOEND (door)-
OCM8-cty 27.0452182
LRM8-cty 48.8218874
1″W .25h 8’l sm8-cty 8.780915
BM8 .75x.25×8′-cty 11.5908078
SK3624-cty 24.586562
CM8-1-cty 114.151895
SBF12-cty 70.9497932
W1515SAM-cty 26.342745
RD18-cty 45.660758
RD21-cty 47.7681776
RD24-cty 53.3879632
RD27-cty 56.197856
RD30-cty 59.0077488
RD33-cty 62.5201148
RD36-cty 65.3300076
V2421H-cty 226.8988436
VANITY34.5H-24w x 34.5h x 21d
V3021H-cty 237.4359416
VANITY34.5H-30w x 34.5h x 21d
V3621D-cty 305.9270786
VDB12H-cty 256.7539546
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-12w x 34.5h x 21d
VDB15H-cty 277.476914
VANITY34.5H3DRWR-15w x 34.5h x 21d
V4821D-cty 387.4139698
VANITY34.5H2TOPDRW-48w x 34.5h x 21d
V6021D 34.5-cty 455.9051068