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Kitchen Remodel Planning made easy

If you’ve got several cookie jars stuffed full of $100 bills, then executing a full-scale kitchen remodel all at once makes sense. But what about those homeowners whose cookie jars are filled with, well, mostly cookies?

You can still get that beautiful kitchen of your dreams, you just need patience and a well-thought-out game plan that breaks up your remodel into several stages spread out over time. That way you can save up (fill that cookie jar!) and spend only what you can when you can. Maybe this month it’s painting the cabinets. Maybe later in the year you buy new appliances.

There are plenty of benefits of a phased project, but there are also several pitfalls you want to avoid. This five-part series will help you navigate those stages to a successful remodeled kitchen.

A phased remodel gives you the ability to spread out payments over time, which is good for people who can’t pay for a full remodel up front and aren’t comfortable taking out a large loan to cover it. Breaking up a project also allows you to change your plan between stages, something much more difficult when you’re in the middle of a full-scale remodel. If you decide to reverse course in some aspect of the plan, it will likely cost less than changing course would have been if the whole remodel were done at once.

But a phased project requires immense patience and strategy. Your first impulse may be to dive right in, but I’m here to tell you: don’t. When planning a kitchen remodel over stages, it is important to rein in those early rash decisions. Do not buy new appliances, fixtures or countertops. Do not paint, do not replace windows, do not knock down that wall and do not replace your cabinet hardware.

If you act on impulse and rip out that awful tile countertop and replace it with a gorgeous slab, you have seriously limited yourself going forward. What if you end up wanting to change out the undercounter sink or, worse, modify your entire kitchen layout? That stunning new countertop may have to go, and you will find you have wasted time and resources.

Buy new appliances now and the finish and style might not work with the new cabinets you planned on adding next year. So just be patient and focus on developing a comprehensive plan.

Your project may be simple. You may want new appliances and fixtures, painted cabinets and new countertops. Or it could be more complex. Maybe you need to expand the kitchen, take down walls, build into your backyard and add living space. This is the time to visualize and study your expectations carefully.
Contemporary Kitchen by Cordony Designs
Cordony Designs
Scandinavian Kitchen by Palma Bygg
Palma Bygg
Ask for Help

The success of your project begins with asking yourself: What do I want my new kitchen to look like, and what work is required to get there? If you can’t come up with an answer and feel overwhelmed already, you simply need help. A designer is a good place to start, although an experienced architect or builder could also be the right starting point.

After reading this series, you will have a better idea of what your remodel will entail. That’s important, because it might turn out that you can successfully manage your remodel on your own. If you are simply painting walls and cabinets, updating appliances and possibly replacing a plumbing fixture or two, you might not need much outside help.

On the other hand, if there is more major work involved, with modifications to the floor plan (especially changes that include new rooflines, exterior additions and structural modifications) an architect can be invaluable. Architects are experienced at getting your plan approved through local building departments and also advising how to create new living space that functions properly and looks great.
Contemporary Kitchen by Alno Miami – Kitchens and Custom Cabinetry
Alno Miami – Kitchens and Custom Cabinetry
A Note on General Contractors

It can be challenging to get a good general contractor on board when executing a remodel in stages. The ones with sterling reputations are generally busy, and it’s not ideal from their perspective to allow time to lapse between steps. They want to get in and get out, then move on to the next job. Plus, who’s to say you won’t change your mind in six months or not have the financial means to execute the next stage of your remodel?

So you are left with two options. Manage your own job, or find a contractor willing to take it one step at a time with significant breaks in between. If your job is extensive, you really need to do some soul searching before deciding to be the general contractor on your own job.

There are many who can handle the task, but if you have no experience, there is great potential that it will end up costing you. There are contractors willing to break a job up in stages, but you’ve got to have a high level of trust due to risk factors, including the contractor being unable to finish the job months later, or overbilling in the early stages.

Find a Pro
Traditional by Budget Remodeling Inc.
Budget Remodeling Inc.
Project Scope

Once you have settled on your total objective, it is time to define the scope of your project. If working with a pro, he or she can take your hand and walk you through your project conceptually. If you are managing the job, defining the total scope falls in your lap.

Generally, the tasks of the job are broken up into subcontractor categories — framers, plumbers, cabinetmakers, electricians, drywallers — and selections, such as tile, countertop slabs, light fixtures, paint colors and so on. We will be going into these breakdowns in a little more detail in subsequent parts of this series, but the gist is this: Use a spreadsheet to specifically define the scope of work or each subcontractor category, and also specify each required selection. For example, you may need to make plumbing selections for a new sink and new faucet. Those are selections. The related subcontractor work, or work scope category, would be the plumber required to install those fixtures, possibly relocating the supply and drain.

If there is a physical plan including floor plan and elevations, study carefully and try to imagine the process (later in this series we provide tips to help), making sure nothing is being left out.
Kitchen by Budget Remodeling Inc.
Budget Remodeling Inc.
Making Selections

Allowances are the enemy of accurate cost estimates. When builders bid a job without firm selections, they have no choice but to make assumptions as to your likely selections, and these assumptions are called allowances.

If you are estimating the cost of your own job, you have the same problem. You can estimate all your appliances will cost $10,000, but what does it really mean if you haven’t been to the appliance store? There are some refrigerators that cost $10,000 by themselves, and the same idea holds true with nearly every selection you will be making.

If you want to have an estimate that means anything, you need to actually select your appliances, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, slab countertops and any other selection you can imagine. Get firm quotes for the materials so you can factor those costs in accurately to your total estimate.

Making these decisions collectively is always a good idea in a remodel, but when executing work over phased stages, it becomes even more critical. It takes extra planning to ensure each step complements the pending ones.

Imagine the countertop replacement we discussed earlier. Your tile countertop is simply the bane of your existence. The grout is stained and cracking, and the tile itself looked dated in the 1980s. If you run out and replace the tile with a gorgeous slab countertop, you might enjoy the smooth surface for a while, but you have thereby limited yourself if there is a Step 2 and 3. The slab color may not work with your preferred cabinet color. You might not be able to find a backsplash complementing the unique characteristics of the granite slab. Worse, you no longer can replace your cabinets and have severely limited any layout modifications you might have wanted to consider.

So, make all your selections in the beginning so you know everything will work together in the end.
Modern Kitchen by Lowe’s Home Improvement
Lowe’s Home Improvement

A good estimate on the total cost, properly divided into each stage, is imperative for this plan to work.

If your plan is simple and includes new appliances, new paint and some new hardware, then the estimate will be easy. Go to an appliance store or go online and price out the appliances. Get that painting bid for your cabinets and walls. Count up the hardware requirements, price out your selection, and there you have it. Three simple stages and not much risk (as long as you confirm your appliance selections fit their respective spaces — more on that later).

In larger, more complex jobs, though, it’s difficult to properly price things out without some experience, as kitchen remodels can potentially involve framers, finish carpenters, drywallers, electricians, plumbers, tile setters, slab fabricators, painters and possibly even foundation contractors, roofers, insulators and more.

The point is that it can be challenging to properly estimate a phased remodel, or any remodel, but you need to have a go at it and keep refining and updating as needed. Contractors are experienced at the task, but if you are estimating on your own, make sure you get bids for every subcontractor task and price out the fixtures and materials. And, if you can, try to get some consultation from someone with experience.
Traditional Kitchen by TANGERINEdesign, Jill C. Finn Assoc. AIA
TANGERINEdesign, Jill C. Finn Assoc. AIA

Physical, financial and mental preparation are all required before you begin the journey. If you have lived through a kitchen remodel like me, you may have washed dishes in the backyard with a hose and bucket for weeks on end, stocking the packed cooler outside with ice twice daily, eating out some, but basically surviving on bare necessities while trying to keep your kids from starving, your marriage alive and your sanity intact.

By cutting the job into stages, you can give yourself breaks to catch your breath. But it also extends the discomfort to some degree — like removing a Band-Aid slowly rather than in one swift motion. You do not need financial stresses to add to your difficulties, so make sure you have done all the preparation you can.

How will you feed yourselves? Will the money be there when you need it? How long are you mentally prepared to live this way, and how will you manage if it takes longer than you hoped?

If you have designed your plan, made your selections, decided whether to seek a professional’s help, built your budget and constructed a temporary plan for survival, then you can proceed with some semblance of confidence.
Transitional Kitchen by BABA Antique Wooden Floors
BABA Antique Wooden Floors
Up Next

OK, the truth is, you are still only almost ready. With Step 1 complete and your plan outlined, now is the time to begin breaking up your scope of work into stages. Next week we will show you how.

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Trends in Kitchen Design and popular kitchen cabinets

Over the years, many have noticed the humble kitchen evolving from a small cooking place into a dynamic living area. Those involved in kitchen remodels have seen many new innovations in both visual and functionality.
We’ve seen a continuation of the growth in ultra contemporary shaker style cabinetry with bright white dominating the color themes. Further, statistics show the upper end kitchens still prefer the traditional raised panel cabinets in an off-white/eggshell color and the darker, rich cherry stain cabinets coming in second. Choices in back splash and wall coverings have virtually exploded with an incredible variety of designs and materials. Consumer choices of knobs and pulls have also become a great way to give your kitchen its individual character.
Some of the more recent functional innovations to consider:
*Under-the-counter microwave placement is a wonderful example of how a simple base cabinet conversion can be a safer, more convenient use of space. Studies have shown that the traditional over the range microwave can actually be dangerous for children or shorter people when they are removing sizzling hot dishes from “above the shoulder” level. With the trend to remove counter clutter, under the counter is a natural.
*Fold Down Hardware attached to the bottom of the upper cabinets is designed to hold tablets/recipe books/TVs. Again, the trend to remove counter top clutter and increase work space brings some really cool and inexpensive ways to bring information to a cook’s finger tips or introduce entertainment or a just another focal point!
*Electrical Outlets are also being placed underneath (and sometimes inside) the upper cabinets rather than the traditional placement along the back wall.
*Built in pet feeding cabinets. Consider asking your carpenter to build a food bowl drawer that rolls out from below a base cabinet. The “toe board” is typically covers wasted space that is easily converted into extra storage.
*Island seating has become much more prevalent in the remodel markets as the baby-boomers, gen-x and millennials all tend to want to entertain in the kitchen. pet feeding cabinet
Incorporating some of these modern ideas into your kitchen renovation may depend on many factors. First, your considerations should include your wants and needs, not necessarily what the best resale ROI might be. Think about the make up of your household, now and in the future. A young family may want to consider space for a study desk or computer work station where a retired couple may want to consider wheel chair space and easier access storage.
What ever your situation might be, researching new trends and innovations in kitchen designs and kitchen cabinets can certainly help make your remodel project a lasting success.

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BBC39-SIG $314.53 [wp_cart:BBC39-SIG:price:314.53:end] baseblindcorner36Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr 39to42footprint spec LorR
BBC42-SIG $318.13 [wp_cart:BBC42-SIG:price:318.13:end] baseblindcorner39Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr 42to45footprint spec LorR
BBC45-SIG $321.73 [wp_cart:BBC45-SIG:price:321.73:end] baseblindcorner42Wx34.5Hx24D 1door 1drwr 45to48footprint spec LorR
AB24-SIG $385.07 [wp_cart:AB24-SIG:price:385.07:end] angle base end (triangle)24Wx34.5Hx24D or 22.5+22.5
OC3384-SIG $829.88 [wp_cart:OC3384-SIG:price:829.88:end] ovencabinet33Wx84Hx24D call for openings
OC3390-SIG $895.38 [wp_cart:OC3390-SIG:price:895.38:end] ovencabinet33Wx90Hx24D call for openings
OC3396-SIG $955.12 [wp_cart:OC3396-SIG:price:955.12:end] ovencabinet33Wx96Hx24D call for openings
WP1884-SIG $500.95 [wp_cart:WP1884-SIG:price:500.95:end] pantry18Wx84Hx24D 2door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP1890-SIG $538.38 [wp_cart:WP1890-SIG:price:538.38:end] pantry18Wx90Hx24D 2door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP1896-SIG $575.81 [wp_cart:WP1896-SIG:price:575.81:end] pantry18Wx96Hx24D 2door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP2484-SIG $627.63 [wp_cart:WP2484-SIG:price:627.63:end] pantry24Wx84Hx24D 4door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP2490-SIG $675.13 [wp_cart:WP2490-SIG:price:675.13:end] pantry24Wx90Hx24D 4door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WP2496-SIG $722.64 [wp_cart:WP2496-SIG:price:722.64:end] pantry24Wx96Hx24D 4door 1+3shelf (elt4)
WES530-SIG $64.78 [wp_cart:WES530-SIG:price:64.78:end] wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx30Hx12D
WES536-SIG $77.73 [wp_cart:WES536-SIG:price:77.73:end] wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx36Hx12D
WES542-SIG $91.41 [wp_cart:WES542-SIG:price:91.41:end] wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx42Hx12D
WEF30-SIG $95.73 [wp_cart:WEF30-SIG:price:95.73:end] decorative wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx30Hx12D
WEF36-SIG $107.96 [wp_cart:WEF36-SIG:price:107.96:end] decorative wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx36Hx12D
WEF42-SIG $123.8 [wp_cart:WEF42-SIG:price:123.8:end] decorative wallendshelf angled top and bottom plate5Wx42Hx12D
BEF24-SIG $150.43 [wp_cart:BEF24-SIG:price:150.43:end] decorative base endshelf 12Wx34.5Hx23.75D
AGD24-SIG $391.55 [wp_cart:AGD24-SIG:price:391.55:end] corner appliance garage for under WDC
W1530GD-SIG $58.3 [wp_cart:W1530GD-SIG:price:58.3:end] glass door only
W1830GD-SIG $77.01 [wp_cart:W1830GD-SIG:price:77.01:end] glass door only
W3030GD-SIG $118.76 [wp_cart:W3030GD-SIG:price:118.76:end] glass door only set of 2
W3630GD-SIG $174.9 [wp_cart:W3630GD-SIG:price:174.9:end] glass door only set of 2
WDC2430GD-SIG $62.62 [wp_cart:WDC2430GD-SIG:price:62.62:end] glass door only
W1536GD-SIG $69.1 [wp_cart:W1536GD-SIG:price:69.1:end] glass door only
W1836GD-SIG $92.13 [wp_cart:W1836GD-SIG:price:92.13:end] glass door only
W3036GD-SIG $134.59 [wp_cart:W3036GD-SIG:price:134.59:end] glass door only set of 2
W3636GD-SIG $187.86 [wp_cart:W3636GD-SIG:price:187.86:end] glass door only set of 2
WDC2436GD-SIG $74.85 [wp_cart:WDC2436GD-SIG:price:74.85:end] glass door only
WDC273615GD-SIG $88.53 [wp_cart:WDC273615GD-SIG:price:88.53:end] glass door only
W1542GD-SIG $81.33 [wp_cart:W1542GD-SIG:price:81.33:end] glass door only
W1842GD-SIG $107.24 [wp_cart:W1842GD-SIG:price:107.24:end] glass door only
W3042GD-SIG $166.26 [wp_cart:W3042GD-SIG:price:166.26:end] glass door only set of 2
W3642GD-SIG $232.48 [wp_cart:W3642GD-SIG:price:232.48:end] glass door only set of 2
WDC2442GD-SIG $87.81 [wp_cart:WDC2442GD-SIG:price:87.81:end] glass door only
WDC274215GD-SIG $107.96 [wp_cart:WDC274215GD-SIG:price:107.96:end] glass door only
WDEP30-SIG $54.7 [wp_cart:WDEP30-SIG:price:54.7:end] deco end panel looks like door for 30 high wall cab
WDEP36-SIG $66.94 [wp_cart:WDEP36-SIG:price:66.94:end] deco end panel looks like door for 36 high wall cab
WDEP42-SIG $79.89 [wp_cart:WDEP42-SIG:price:79.89:end] deco end panel looks like door for 42 high wall cab
BDEP-SIG $138.91 [wp_cart:BDEP-SIG:price:138.91:end] deco end panel looks like door for base cab
WDEP84-SIG $172.02 [wp_cart:WDEP84-SIG:price:172.02:end] deco end panel looks like door for 84 tall pantry cab
WDEP90-SIG $193.61 [wp_cart:WDEP90-SIG:price:193.61:end] deco end panel looks like door for 90 tall pantry cab
WDEP96-SIG $212.33 [wp_cart:WDEP96-SIG:price:212.33:end] deco end panel looks like door for 96 tall pantry cab
WH30-SIG $297.98 [wp_cart:WH30-SIG:price:297.98:end] wood range hood cover see Vic
AWH36-SIG $368.52 [wp_cart:AWH36-SIG:price:368.52:end] wood range hood cover see Vic
CWH36-SIG $438.33 [wp_cart:CWH36-SIG:price:438.33:end] wood range hood cover see Vic
RH-A-SIG $1445.99 [wp_cart:RH-A-SIG:price:1445.99:end] wood range hood cover see Vic
RH-B-SIG $1907.36 [wp_cart:RH-B-SIG:price:1907.36:end] wood range hood cover see Vic
15RT-SIG $63.34 [wp_cart:15RT-SIG:price:63.34:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
18RT-SIG $71.26 [wp_cart:18RT-SIG:price:71.26:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
24RT-SIG $77.73 [wp_cart:24RT-SIG:price:77.73:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
30RT-SIG $93.57 [wp_cart:30RT-SIG:price:93.57:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
36RT-SIG $133.88 [wp_cart:36RT-SIG:price:133.88:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
BEP3-SIG $57.58 [wp_cart:BEP3-SIG:price:57.58:end] base end panel w 3 inch face fill dishwasher end panel
REP2484-SIG $150.43 [wp_cart:REP2484-SIG:price:150.43:end] refrig end panel .75thick w one edgeband
REP2496-SIG $172.02 [wp_cart:REP2496-SIG:price:172.02:end] refrig end panel .75thick w one edgeband
REP84-SIG $174.18 [wp_cart:REP84-SIG:price:174.18:end] refrig end panel w 3inch face
REP96-SIG $208.01 [wp_cart:REP96-SIG:price:208.01:end] refrig end panel w 3inch face
REP3096-3-SIG $282.15 [wp_cart:REP3096-3-SIG:price:282.15:end] refrig end panel w 3inch face 30deep
PNL4X8-SIG $121.64 [wp_cart:PNL4X8-SIG:price:121.64:end] 1/4inch panel 4×8 long grain
PNL4X3BB-SIG $114.44 [wp_cart:PNL4X3BB-SIG:price:114.44:end] 1/4inch panel 4×34.5
CFC96-SIG $223.13 [wp_cart:CFC96-SIG:price:223.13:end] custom fluted column 3x96x2.25
CTVAL36-SIG $54.7 [wp_cart:CTVAL36-SIG:price:54.7:end] valance country c=country
CTVAL48-SIG $74.14 [wp_cart:CTVAL48-SIG:price:74.14:end] valance country sc=scalloped
VAS48-SIG $30.23 [wp_cart:VAS48-SIG:price:30.23:end] valance scallop s= stria
VAD3612-SIG $82.77 [wp_cart:VAD3612-SIG:price:82.77:end] valance deco d=deco
VAD4212-SIG $104.36 [wp_cart:VAD4212-SIG:price:104.36:end] valance deco
VAD4812-SIG $131 [wp_cart:VAD4812-SIG:price:131:end] valance deco
CM8-SIG $53.26 [wp_cart:CM8-SIG:price:53.26:end] 2.375x96crown (elt2.75×94.5)
CM8-4-SIG $85.65 [wp_cart:CM8-4-SIG:price:85.65:end] 4.5x96crown (elt4x94.5″) no insert
CM8-R-SIG $117.32 [wp_cart:CM8-R-SIG:price:117.32:end] 4.625x96crown (elt4x94.5) rope insert
CM8-D-SIG $117.32 [wp_cart:CM8-D-SIG:price:117.32:end] 4.625x96crown (elt4x94.5) dentil insert
SM8-SIG $14.39 [wp_cart:SM8-SIG:price:14.39:end] scribe .25H x0.75W x96L (elt94.5)
SM6-SIG $10.8 [wp_cart:SM6-SIG:price:10.8:end] scribe mold0.25Wx0.75Hx72
ISC8-SIG $20.87 [wp_cart:ISC8-SIG:price:20.87:end] insidecorner mold0.75Wx0.75Hx96
OCM8-SIG $20.16 [wp_cart:OCM8-SIG:price:20.16:end] outside corner trim0.25Wx0.75Hx96 (elt94.5)
OCM6-SIG $15.11 [wp_cart:OCM6-SIG:price:15.11:end] outside corner trim0.25Wx0.75Hx72D
LRM8-SIG $58.3 [wp_cart:LRM8-SIG:price:58.3:end] light rail1.5Wx1Hx96 (elt94.5)
TLRM8-SIG $142.51 [wp_cart:TLRM8-SIG:price:142.51:end] traditional light rail1.5Wx2.25Hx96 (elt94.5)
FBM-SIG $83.49 [wp_cart:FBM-SIG:price:83.49:end] furniture toe board4.5Wx0.5Hx96 (elt94.5)
GR48-SIG $61.9 [wp_cart:GR48-SIG:price:61.9:end] galley railWx2.3/16Hx48
TP3-SIG $148.99 [wp_cart:TP3-SIG:price:148.99:end] slice leg w filler3Wx34.5H
LEG81-SIG $125.96 [wp_cart:LEG81-SIG:price:125.96:end] leg3Wx34.5Hx3D
LEG82-SIG $119.48 [wp_cart:LEG82-SIG:price:119.48:end] leg3Wx34.5Hx1.5D (elt3x3)
LEG83-SIG $139.63 [wp_cart:LEG83-SIG:price:139.63:end] leg3Wx34.5Hx1.5D (elt3x3)
LEG-SMALL51-SIG $24.47 [wp_cart:LEG-SMALL51-SIG:price:24.47:end] feet 3Wx4.5Hx1.5D Foot
LEG-SMALL52-SIG $29.51 [wp_cart:LEG-SMALL52-SIG:price:29.51:end] feet 3Wx4.5Hx1.5D
LEG-SMALL53-SIG $30.23 [wp_cart:LEG-SMALL53-SIG:price:30.23:end] feet 3Wx4.5Hx1.5D
FOOT84BLK-SIG $200.81 [wp_cart:FOOT84BLK-SIG:price:200.81:end] feet 3Wx4.5Hx1.5D
DOA-SIG $146.11 [wp_cart:DOA-SIG:price:146.11:end] decorative onlay19.875Wx4.25H
SOA-SIG $24.47 [wp_cart:SOA-SIG:price:24.47:end] small overlax3.25W
CORBEL54-SIG $46.78 [wp_cart:CORBEL54-SIG:price:46.78:end] corbel3Wx6Hx4D
CORBEL55-SIG $81.33 [wp_cart:CORBEL55-SIG:price:81.33:end] corbel3Wx6Hx4D
CORBEL56-SIG $91.41 [wp_cart:CORBEL56-SIG:price:91.41:end] corbel3Wx6Hx4D
CORBEL57-SIG $142.51 [wp_cart:CORBEL57-SIG:price:142.51:end] corbel3Wx9Hx6D
CORBEL58-SIG $123.08 [wp_cart:CORBEL58-SIG:price:123.08:end] corbel3Wx9Hx6D
CORBEL59-SIG $68.38 [wp_cart:CORBEL59-SIG:price:68.38:end] corbel3Wx9Hx6D
CORBEL60S-SIG $185.7 [wp_cart:CORBEL60S-SIG:price:185.7:end] corbel5Wx10Hx5D
CORBEL60L-SIG $345.48 [wp_cart:CORBEL60L-SIG:price:345.48:end] corbel7Wx17Hx7D
CORBEL60L-BLACK-SIG $399.47 [wp_cart:CORBEL60L-BLACK-SIG:price:399.47:end] corbel7Wx17Hx7D
TK8-SIG $35.27 [wp_cart:TK8-SIG:price:35.27:end] toe kick board4.5Wx0.5Hx96
WF3-SIG $15.83 [wp_cart:WF3-SIG:price:15.83:end] filler3Wx30Hx0.75D
WF336-SIG $19.43 [wp_cart:WF336-SIG:price:19.43:end] filler3Wx36Hx0.75D
WF342-SIG $24.47 [wp_cart:WF342-SIG:price:24.47:end] filler3Wx42Hx0.75D
WF384-SIG $45.34 [wp_cart:WF384-SIG:price:45.34:end] filler3Wx84Hx0.75D
WF396-SIG $53.26 [wp_cart:WF396-SIG:price:53.26:end] filler3Wx96Hx0.75D
WF630-SIG $32.39 [wp_cart:WF630-SIG:price:32.39:end] filler6Wx30Hx0.75D
WF642-SIG $47.5 [wp_cart:WF642-SIG:price:47.5:end] filler6Wx42Hx0.75D
WF696-SIG $104.36 [wp_cart:WF696-SIG:price:104.36:end] filler6Wx96Hx0.75D
BF3-SIG $25.91 [wp_cart:BF3-SIG:price:25.91:end] base filler3Wx34.5Hx0.75D
BF6-SIG $43.91 [wp_cart:BF6-SIG:price:43.91:end] base filler6Wx34.5Hx0.75D
WF315Fm-SIG $12.96 [wp_cart:WF315Fm-SIG:price:12.96:end] filler fluted3Wx15Hx0.75D
WF324Fm-SIG $21.59 [wp_cart:WF324Fm-SIG:price:21.59:end] filler fluted3Wx24Hx0.75D
WF330Fm-SIG $25.91 [wp_cart:WF330Fm-SIG:price:25.91:end] filler fluted3Wx30Hx0.75D
WF336Fm-SIG $32.39 [wp_cart:WF336Fm-SIG:price:32.39:end] filler fluted3Wx36Hx0.75D
WF342Fm-SIG $36.71 [wp_cart:WF342Fm-SIG:price:36.71:end] filler fluted3Wx42Hx0.75D
BF3Fm-SIG $35.27 [wp_cart:BF3Fm-SIG:price:35.27:end] base filler fluted 3Wx34.5Hx0.75D
BF6Fm-SIG $73.42 [wp_cart:BF6Fm-SIG:price:73.42:end] base filler fluted 6Wx34.5Hx0.75D
DSK30-SIG $97.89 [wp_cart:DSK30-SIG:price:97.89:end] knee drawer 30Wx 7Hx 21D
TCR21-2-SIG $142.51 [wp_cart:TCR21-2-SIG:price:142.51:end] trashcan roll out hardware 2can for b21 or b18
VB24A-SIG $179.94 [wp_cart:VB24A-SIG:price:179.94:end] vanity base 24w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head
VB30A-SIG $226.72 [wp_cart:VB30A-SIG:price:226.72:end] vanity base 30w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head
VB36A-SIG $273.51 [wp_cart:VB36A-SIG:price:273.51:end] vanity base 36w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head
VBD30A-L-SIG $321.73 [wp_cart:VBD30A-L-SIG:price:321.73:end] vanity base 30w x 21d x34.5h 1door+false head + 2drawer LH
VBD30A-R-SIG $321.73 [wp_cart:VBD30A-R-SIG:price:321.73:end] vanity base 30w x 21d x34.5h 1door+false head + 2drawer RH
VBD36A-L-SIG $368.52 [wp_cart:VBD36A-L-SIG:price:368.52:end] vanity base 36w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head + 2drawer LH
VBD36A-R-SIG $368.52 [wp_cart:VBD36A-R-SIG:price:368.52:end] vanity base 36w x 21d x34.5h 2door+false head + 2drawer RH
VD12A-SIG $342.6 [wp_cart:VD12A-SIG:price:342.6:end] vanity 3drawer base12Wx34.5Hx21D
VD15A-SIG $358.44 [wp_cart:VD15A-SIG:price:358.44:end] vanity 3drawer base15Wx34.5Hx21D
W301824-SIG $178.4 [wp_cart:W301824-SIG:price:178.4:end] WallCabinet-30Wx18Hx24D 2door
27RT-SIG $81.66 [wp_cart:27RT-SIG:price:81.66:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
33RT-SIG $108.42 [wp_cart:33RT-SIG:price:108.42:end] roll out tray for base cabinet w dovetail sc hdwre
PNL4X3-SIG $65.18 [wp_cart:PNL4X3-SIG:price:65.18:end] 1/4inch panel 4×3 long grain na KE
pnl3x8-SIG $109.78 [wp_cart:pnl3x8-SIG:price:109.78:end] 1/4inch panel 36×96 na KE