Affordable Kitchen Cabinets does not mean low Quality

What’s deemed Affordable Kitchen Cabinets will always be related to a budget or a perceived value. The addage, “you get what you pay for” can be diced, dissected and put into relative terms to suit just about every budget. A Chinese assembly line (rta cabinet) can have a price tag well below the junkiest custom made cabinetry. On the other hand, some consumers will not consider anything less than the finest select grade mahogany with crafted inlay doors and imported hardware, all approved by a professional design consultant. So a gazillionaire might get the million dollar kitchen for a few hundred thousand and proclaim it was a bargain but for most consumers, the term affordable kitchen cabinets, simply falls to the lower end of a reasonable budget rather than settling for low quality of even less attractive cabinetry.Hampton Maple   

raised panel, cream lacquer on maple with a hand rubbed glaze $455 per linear foot -vs- flat panel with acrylic paint $119 LF. Both can be considered affordable depending on the buyer and not the function of the cabinet.
By Granger Davis